Lunch Poems: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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Foundational Beat Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti comes to UC Berkeley's Lunch Poems in 2007 and spends ~50 minutes flipping through a book of his collected works and reading poems old and new.

Bonus Ferlinghetti:

Ferlinghetti @ Moe's Books, 2007 Part 1, Part 2
Reading at the 92Y, 2007 [audio only]
San Francisco International Poetry Festival, 2012
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bonus: Ferlinghetti interview by David Perry, 2012
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This is fantastic, thank you. Minor correction, looks like this took place in 2005, not 2007.
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When I was about 12 or 14 yrs old (very early 70's) I had two big posters on my bedroom wall of Ferlinghetti poems. One was about Jesus and one was about nuclear bombs. Those posters made me feel very grown up and intellectual.
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One was about Jesus

'Christ Climbed Down?' That poem blew my tiny fucking mind in high school and led me to a serious love affair with LF's work. He's the Beat around which all others orbit for me.
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Actually, mintcake, the poem was "Sometime During Eternity" but thanks for pointing me toward "Christ Climbed Down." Great piece!
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