All the colors of the-- Eames chair?
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The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum's collections, now searchable in color. Colors? They got colors. All kinds of colors. My god, it's just full of colors. But wait, there's even more inside...

You can now search the Rijksmuseum's collection side by side by color too. (Don't miss their bonus cat-spanking-rainbow-gif for the occasion.) Want more technical details? It's also a Best of the (Museum) Web winner for 2013 but the other winners and nominees are well worth a look as well.

Interested in more in using your words? You can search over a million and a half objects from 57 collections at the same time at, or try out social tagging at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. (Previously.)

Previously with awesome comments and previouslier.
(hat tip to Slate)
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i wonder if the net's ability to taxonmize objects means that we take formal issues seriously, and colour is one of those issues?
posted by PinkMoose at 9:49 PM on December 27, 2013

(Cooper-Hewitt link) Is it just me, or is seeing the gif version of each image load for a split second really fun?
posted by victory_laser at 11:48 PM on December 27, 2013

So highly recommend Aaron's weblog and spying on his open source work. He's mostly the one turning the wheels to make Cooper so futuristic/quirky recently.
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