The Greatest Music Producer You’ve Never Heard of
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Texas Monthly profiles Tom Wilson, a Harvard-educated Republican from Waco who helped launch the careers of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Lou Reed, and a few other musicians you might have heard of. Previously.
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Since about 1985 or so when I was a teenager I've known him as the guy who produced The Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat. I wouldn't exactly call him unknown.
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He had two publishing companies, Terrible Tunes and Maudlin Melodies.

Far out.
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Without this producer, Bob Dylan would not have broken through like he did—effectively bringing on the swinging sixties and changing music forever.

I don't believe this. On the other hand the story about the guy arrested for brandishing while walking through a Beaumont shopping mall with with an AR-15 is fascinating.
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Glad you posted that. The Previously was too old to add this link to. I really like the photo of him and Nico.
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Yeah, the headline overstates it a bit and is a little linkbaity. He's an interesting guy though.
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