The Saxophone Sisters, Indian fusion
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It would be fun to see these talented players playing next to other jazz musicians. What's with the recorded accompaniment? It's kinda hard to watch. There's a necessary ebb and flow between the members of a jazz band that just isn't here. It's a little too much "look at the WOMEN playing saxophone" and too little saxophone which is a pity because it seems they can play saxophone.
posted by three blind mice at 2:18 PM on January 12, 2014

three blind mice, It's less about the bands really than look at these two Indian sisters, playing saxophone in an Indian style as devotional music or mixed with traditional Indian ragas. In the YouTube link, there is a selection of Lavanya and Subbalakshmi playing with a variety of bands. There are also Saxophone Brothers - From Ragas To Coltrane but I happen to like the sisters' sax music more.
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This is sensational! Thanks!
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Wow, great ! Thank you !
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