Junk Head 1 - a short by Yamiken Hori
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Junk Head 1 - Start with the stop motion animation look of an old Tool video, add in a bit of that Jeunet/Caro style humanity and humor, weave in some Cronenberg-like WTF creatures, and wrap the whole thing in an interesting story, and you have yourself a very cool short from Yamiken Hori.
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I watched this yesterday. Pretty amazing for a guy just playing around.

Links from the video: And the reason I didn't post this: Active indiegogo campaign.

I thought this was a great story and I was irritated it was only 30 minutes.
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I saw the campaign link as well, and wavered on whether to post it or not or add ad disclaimer, but since the links to at are reasonably understated and not the focus, and the short itself is interesting enough that it can stand on it's own, I figured I would give it a shot. If the mods and the community see it as an issue and feel this needs to be removed, I understand.
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I hope my comment (or the fact the video has a donation link) doesn't get the post deleted. I think it's worth watching.

I put it to the big screen (my TV) and watched it there. I thought the whole thing was wonderful.
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I really liked it also and especially since all the wee beasties obviously had a murky backstory that would be illuminated later, but enough of that was keeping your curiosity peaked throughout.

Also, I really need to watch Brady Bunch or something now because I'm completely fucking squicked. And somehow, lonely.
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I've only had a chance to watch the first bit, but seems impressive for the work of one man. Also reminds me a bit of The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb.

Now to find 30 minutes of free time.
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the Doctor and his lab assistance we great.
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Wow, really nice.

The phrase " looks like an old Tool video" gets thrown around so much I almost automatically respond "you're a tool video" but this does have that Fred Stuhr spirit (coincidentally, I posted one of his videos on my blog yesterday and was thinking a lot about him, so I appreciate this all the more.)

The sound design is great. Lots of squelchyness. It adds to the sense of dread and humor.

Also my upstairs neighbor's cat kept peeking around the blind of my living room window while I was watching and scared the living shit out of me.

In conclusion, my neighbor's cat is a jerkface.
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This was great; it was late when I watched it and I kept trying to tell myself to watch it later but I was hooked. This guy is super talented in so many areas of filmmaking; thanks for posting it.
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