Butter Ya'self - Gettin' hot and heavy in the oven like a casserole
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Butter Ya'Self (Vimeo; YouTube) is "basically ... the story of Drake and Lil’ Wayne [as told with an anthropomorphic banana, hot dog bun, and stick of butter]. ButterKrust is 100% based on Wayne – Nana Splits isn’t based on anyone real but his relationship to ButterKrust is based on Drake’s relationship to Lil’ Wayne. The most important thing I wanted to express in this video is the relationship between them, how tight they are and how much Nana Splits looks up to ButterKrust." That's the story from Julian Petschek, who is studying at The California Institute of the Arts.

ButterKrust is voiced by Kat Knoc, who has a nice selection of the freshest produce on Soundcloud. Nana Splits is C.U.B (Facebook).

And if you're sharp-eyed for hip-hop music video references like Jeanette Bonds, you'll catch details lifted from the videos for Drake's tracks HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right) (explicit) and The Motto (also explicit).
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I love it so much I don't even I am sending to everyone I know.
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Originally it was going to be an animated stereoscopic porn with a sausage and a banana peel that you could only watch while wearing this giant banana peel virtual reality suit that would like cover your whole body and smell like a banana. I have a drawing:

That’s me in the back grilling sausages, which I was going to feed visitors during the reception. Somehow this turned into a rap video.
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