The Surreal Photos of Miss Aniela
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The Surreal Photos of Miss Aniela “I like to think of my Surreal Fashion series as an adventure, even for me as the maker,” Natalie says. “When I’m constructing them, it’s like falling deep into a good book. And I want my viewers to feel that too. I want them to enjoy all the nuances in the visuals of each piece, and even to feel slightly ill-at-ease with what is real and not real."
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These are made of awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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Those are really excellent. And she so obviously knows her stuff - it's not just "surreal" in some nebulous way, but stuff that could have been a Harper's Bazaar cover in the thirties (when Carmel Snow was very big on the surrealists) or a Leonor Fini painting, etc. Just wonderful, wonderful photos.
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I really love fashion elevated to and legitimized as art. These are so fab.
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And she explains, and tells you what the images came from, and somehow it makes them more amazing rather than de-mystifying them. I'm still enraptured.
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Heh. I went to go see her do a photo presentation/shoot in Seattle a few years ago and was completely underwhelmed. She seemed uncomfortable and very much a future star of a terrible reality show. She has clearly gotten incredible since.
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I have never been interested in fashion and I clicked, thinking it would be silly little dresses and stuff. But oh my gosh.

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These are really nice images but there's something about the painterly style and lush interiors that doesn't resonate with me. My preferences in photography lean towards magical realism rather than surrealism; a photography like Guy Bourdin for example.
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I love Natalie's work - I have two of her pieces on my bedroom wall* - and have luckily met her before. She is actually rather lovely and quiet, not at all like many 'photography artists'.

* I have two of her rather gorgeous self-portraits rather than some of the fashion photography. Examples of her other work can be found at;
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I remember her from the very early days of flickr. The fact that I remembered her username straight away (8 years later) suggests that she had that 'something' then. It looks like she's dropped a lot of the shots I remember from that period, but that's understandable. Her more recent stuff is incredible.
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I also was surprised to like it so much.
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