The Weather Doesn't Bother SOME "People" (SLYT)
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I don't always wish we had a dog, but I do every time it snows. Dogs in the snow is the best.
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Well, THAT made my day.
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Dogs in the snow is the best.

In Australia, there's not much snow within reach of your major urban centres. Typically you have to go to mountains to see it. Consequently, I've touched snow only two or three times in my entire life, and the only time I can remember seeing a landscape actually covered in snow must have been as an eight-year-old. I remember I slipped down some steps and cut my knee, and that was it for the day.

So one day we're driving through the congruously-named Snowy Mountains, and holy frijole what is this white stuff by the side of the road. I get out of the car with my siblings and pack the muddy-white slush into muddy-white slush balls and we throw them at each other and watch them disintegrate in the air.

Yes, we are literally in a ditch on the side of the road forming half-mud half-snow snowballs. This is the saddest thing you've ever seen. And they're not snowballs, really, they're basically melty snow cones. Remember Sulley in Monsters, Inc. with the Abominable Snowman? Yep.

Then I remember: we have a dog in the car.

Armed with the memories of bajillions of YouTube videos featuring doggies frolic in the snow like the adorable things they are, I let her out, expecting her to go wild with pleasure.

In hindsight, I'm not really sure why I thought this.

She starts drinking the muddy water ice melt. Then she wades into a pathetic little pile of snow and stands there, like what now?

Then the snow starts melting all over our clothes.

We haul it back down to somewhere warmer.

The dog pees in the car.

This video reignited that faint, far-off jealousy. One day I will get a fluffy dog and take it to the snow and we will frolic, damnit.
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Oh, that beagle cutting his own path through the snow: Half icebreaker, half olympics swimmer.
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I suspect a group nap was taken after this. Some of the shorter dogs were really working.
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Oh, what fun for the dogs! (And nice tired pups for the owners to pick up later). I'm suspicious of that one super-clean golden retriever, though--that's showing way more savvy than I usually ascribe to the breed, if he let all of the others do the trailbreaking for him.
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Those are some wonderfully happy, hearty doggies! Made my day too and now I'm looking forward to a long romp with my schmookieface after work today. Of course it's going to be 85 degrees at my house when I get home, so no snow.
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This made my whole miserable winter. Thanks for posting it!

I'm an especial fan of the part, right around the 1-minute mark, where all the big furry dudes are joyously plowing back through the drifts to return to the cabin... and then you see a delicate, dignified French Bulldog emerge from the door with nary a flake on him.

My little guy is a Boston, not a Frenchie, but he's the same damn way. Takes after his mom -- like me, he only willingly leaves the house in summer. No matter how many times I drag him out to an open field to frolic in the snow like a real dog should, he stands there glaring up at me and stamping his tiny feet like, "Woman, have you lost your damn mind? Take me back inside and wrap me up in a toasty blanket burrito IMMEDIATELY."
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Our Akita ignores the snow for the most part other than eating it. But, when we go for a walk and start to get close to home again, she jumps into the nearest snow bank and starts rolling around like she's saying, "WE CAN'T GO HOME YET, I HAVE TO PLAY IN THE SNOW AND LOOK AT HOW CUTE I AM!"

Although I find this behavior adorable, I do have work to do so I only let her roll around for few moments.
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I was surprised not to see anybody peeing in this entire video. Aren't dogs possessive of the snow? Or were they too excited to pee? Just thought that was weird. But loved this joyful doggie video, thanks!
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Came in expecting a multi-dog pile-up in such slick conditions. We have just two dogs and a good-sized yard, and there's always a t-bone crash in the snow.
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That warmed my cold Michigan heart.
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insulin, stat
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Best bit is at 1:25 when a short little guy blazes a trail.
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Dogs playing in snow are wonderful, but honestly, no matter the weather, nothing improves my day like going to the dog park and watching all the excited, wiggling, tail-wagging, butt-sniffing explosions of joy that a group of happy, socialized pups is capable of.
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That was great, thanks. But why the fuck would anyone think those images needed any audio accompaniment beyond happy barking? I had to turn the sound off to enjoy it.
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My dog Fido (yes, he's really named Fido) quite loves the snow. And, like the one small dog in the video, loves to break trails through the deep snow, bounding like a deer through snow almost as deep as he is tall. All of the trails you see were made by him bounding joyfull at full-tilt - my crappy cellphone video caught him at the end as he was starting to get tired out a bit.
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My dog Shakedown loves the cold, which I do not. However, she's too sweet to not bundle up extra for. I just wish we had snow like in the video instead of the ice we actually got.
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I can almost smell what it would be like in that wee defrosting room/place
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this is really cute!

how would a dog daycare like this ensure that all the dogs got back inside instead of getting lost/stuck in a snowdrift?
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Go dog go!
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I like when the camera follows right along side them like a boat zooming along side a pod of hairy dolphins.
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how would a dog daycare like this ensure that all the dogs got back inside instead of getting lost/stuck in a snowdrift?

Looks like it's a fenced area, and there will likely be minders in the field performing head counts every so often. A missing or hurt dog would be very bad for business.
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I got my boy at age 8 weeks (and would never again take one from its mother before then). Within 2 weeks couldn't outrun him.

I waited for the snow... Sometime that winter, when he was about 9-months-old, it came, higher than he was tall. NOW I would RULE in our play! NOW he couldn't outrun me!

Nope. He could bound up-and-down and generally forward faster than I could walk through knee-deep snow. Endlessly. Easily twice my speed.
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I'm just amazed the photographer was able to keep up with the dogs! It's a lot of work running through the snow...
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Dogs in the snow is the best.

Yep. An oldie, but this clip of dogs inventing their very own sliding sport always brings a smile to my face.
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