Terminator The Second
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Nashville's Husky Jackal Theater presents: Terminator The Second. A stage adaptation of Terminator 2, re-written entirely using the works of William Shakespear. Only proper nouns, verbs, and verb tenses were changed to suit. Live soundtrack performed by Metafilter favorites The Protomen.
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Gug! Mods, please correct my mis-spelled "Shakespeare" above and delete this comment. Thank you.
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There needs to be a rule 34 for mashups. Does that rule have a number?
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Don't worry mediocre, Shaksper never spelled his name twice the same way.
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mkb: 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8)
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The Greatest Action Story Ever Told
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Having just watched the trailer if this was playing about 600 miles closer to home I would totally be buying a ticket for one of the live performances right now.
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Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of Austria
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Bandsintown sent me an email last week that the Protomen were going to be in Toronto in July. I saw them last year, and they put on a great show, so I was excited to go again (and a friend who's a fan has recently moved to town, so I could bring him).

This is not the same, but I am still definitely going!

by the way, I couldn't figure out the tour any other way, so here is what Bandsintown says the tour consists of! I'm still not really sure what is happening
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christ, that looks awesome.
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Really impressed at the actress channeling Linda Hamilton so pitch-perfectly.
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I just realised. Terminator is a Nativity story.

The Holy Spirit visits Mary to tell her that she will conceive, and that her son will defeat Satan. But Lo! Satan's minion (Herod) has learned of the prophecy, and seeks to slay Mary's child, yet unborn. Mary flees to Egypt, pursued by Herod, and they battle within an abandoned winery. Mary lures Herod into a wine press and slays him. Mary's grows up and brings Good Tidings to humanity and, despite apparently dying, actually survives and crushes Satan underfoot at the End of Days. Flashback to Satanrobotic tanks crushing humans under their treads. Judgment Day has come and gone, and humanity lives happily ever after.

It All Makes Sense.
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