The Fountain of Youth
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The Fountain of Youth is in southern California, and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12-4 PM on the first three weekends of the month, except as noted.
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i love bible quotes mixed with questionable science. Beautiful.

a saucer landed from the plant Venus, woke Van Tassel up and invited him onto the ship. There the aliens gave him the technique for rejuvenating living cell tissues. In 1954 he and his family began building a structure they called the Integratron to perform the rejuvenation.

The family held UFO conventions at Giant Rock to raise money for the project and asked supporters for donations. Thousands of believers passed through. In 1959, 11,000 people attended conventions, and Van Tassel continued to work on the Integratron while writing a number of books on time travel and rejuvenation. Van Tassel died in 1978

never trust a rejunenation process given by aliens to someone who ends up dying later. And, a note to anyone else who the aliens talked to, don't bother with donations! Sell it to Oil of Olay or something.
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*Loud sucking noise coming from Florida*
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There was a rave called "The Learning Party" at the Integretron a couple years ago.
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Yes, the creator of The Fountain of Youth is dead. However, it was a mysterious death. Either the aliens or the wife did him in. My money is on the wife.
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Either way, it's still too late.
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A little more on Giant Rock and The Integration.
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arial: I went to 'The Learning Party' at the Integretron!

Perhaps that explains a thing or two.

I am the Pan! I am the boy who will never grow up!
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Nice to see that people continue to mistake characteristics of their measuring scale to be characteristics of the thing measured. Where would numerology be without it?
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Mr. Cathie stated, "All of these facts are no doubt a bit confusing at first reading, but after a period of study, it will be obvious...". Next time someone questions my post, I've got just the phrase.
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