Ubu Roulette
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As noted previously, Ubuweb hosts a stellar collection of avant-garde films and videos. But how does one ever decide what to watch? Use Ubu Roulette! Use it to throw a party (as the creators suggest) or to discover something fabulous (e.g.) just by yourself.
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...or Russian Roulette. Whichever earns you X eyes.
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Or have a more curated experience by following UbuWeb's Twitter feed. It's currently a lot of info about the roulette feature but it's usually one or two tweets per day, pointing you to this or that cool thing.
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First click: Schlong!

So then, just like Chatroulette.
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Super post, thank you.
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Oh, thanks for this. Stumbled on to Zoe Beloff and she is wonderful...
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Man I wish someone would make a Roku app for Ubu.
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Just need to mention that in addition to film and video, Ubuweb also has fantastic archives of avant-garde audio and texts of various kinds as well. They also offer a number of curated collections of material that are well worth exploring. Ubuweb is one of the best things about the Internet.
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By the way, if UbuWeb's new to you and you're thinking "Cool to know it's there; I'll keep an eye out for them in my Google search results", you'll need to rethink. Ubuweb intentionally keeps itself out of google's database.
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