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Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub takes his first bath. Adorable video with some sad details in the audio. (SLYT)
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After 2 months, the cub is doing well.
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More in the arctic aww category: a little seal.
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Is it the same one from this video?
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Very cute. And then it rips the head off a baby seal and smears blood all over its face like a toddler with a chocolate ice cream cone.
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Spoiler: the sad bit is because the mom couldn't nurse her cub. If you are skipping because you are afraid the cub dies at the end, the cub does NOT die.
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That is not a Toronto accent.
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schroedinger: thank you for the clarification.
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My friend, who is not on Metafilter (so he didn't see this), sent me a message earlier just saying "... baby polar bear." I responded with "taking the bath?" and he confirmed. This is indeed my life when people can make vague references to cute animal videos and I know exactly what they're talking about.
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