Tom Finney (1922-2014)
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Tom Finney, one of the all time greats of English football, has died at the age of 91.

"Tom Finney would have been great in any team, in any match and in any age … even if he had been wearing an overcoat." - Bill Shankly.
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(Shankly always had the best quotes, didn't he?)
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"Whose face are they putting in the next new stand?" I ask, "Tommy Docherty?"

Sir Tom laughs and gives nothing away. "They'll be arguing that one for a while yet" he chuckles, and we make our way across the track behind the Town End goal. The workmen down tools for a moment and joyfully acknowledge Sir Tom and he waves back a cheery hello. Sir Tom belongs to the people of Preston and there is much mutual respect. I take my pictures and Sir Tom indulges me with unrelenting politeness. Not only one of Britain's finest footballers, but one of Britain's finest knights too.

From, where else, but

Mutual respect, that is exactly what it was. In the days where players were exploited and downright cheated, Finney devoted his life to his sport, his team and his town.

For the love of the game, not love of money.
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A true legend. RIP.

BBC Obituary with video with short clips of Finney playing.
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Old School.

Never sent off, never dived, never booked.
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Talk about Old School..
My old school was Kirkham Grammar School in Lancashire.
I went there in 1953 but only for one term.
I was from the St Annes Childrens Home but passed the 11 plus exam and got to be the first kid
ever go to grammar school. A terrifying experience in many ways.
One day, however excitement reigned. Turned out that the plumber called in to fix the ever malfunctioning boys lavatories was non other than the said Tom Finney.

His Preston North End team was right up there with the gods like our neighbouring Blackpool with Stanley Mathews.

We all hung around regarding respectfully the the overalled back crouched over the loo.
Never even daring to ask for an autograph even

Wernt nowt like nowadays. With teams of millionaires goin all over in aeroplanes n'at. Matches on t' telly in colour n'all.

In them days, lads all worked for a living n played footie saturday
Had to ask for time off if tha were match workdays

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