A Cathedral of Rainbows
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Imagine the bright spectrum of colors you would bask in while walking through a cathedral full of rainbows. To Breathe - A Mirror Woman is Kimsooja's 2006 site-specific installation for the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, Spain. To expand and unite the architectural structure of the space, Kimsooja had the whole floor tiled in mirrors. She then covers the vault and the entire glass surface of the palace with a translucent diffraction film. When outside light filters through the glass and reflects off the film, it creates a rainbow spectrum that is mirrored in every part of the atrium.

Feel the need for more static rainbows? Or rainbows on demand?
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Gorgeous! The slide show from her website is exhilarating.
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I would love to have something insightful to say, but all I can think is "Oooooooh so pretty!"

Thanks for the post.
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I feel like an anime character is going to ask me to dance.
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It is too early in the morning and before coffee for me to endure something so pretty and light and beautiful. Gah. I now want to go to Spain.
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My husband remarked that it looked like standing inside an opal...
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Also, for deeply enjoyable rainbow entertainment in one's own home, I recommend this solar-powered rainbow maker.
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This is incredible. (And very, very like a psilocybin trip)
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Sublimity, we regularly give those out to friends as housewarming gifts. When it comes to making someone feel at home, nothing beats a kitchen full of rainbows.

Also related: at the Exploratorium's new location on San Francisco's Pier 15, the high windows are covered with a similar diffraction film, which on a sunny day shines rainbows all over the interior space and everyone in it. Because the museum is relatively dark inside, the effect is even more dramatic, imho.

And then also they have Bob Miller's Sun Painting, which is not to be missed. Pure spectral color that no camera can really capture. You've got to see it with your own eyes.
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It's in a fun part of the Parque de Retiro too. Kinda secluded, with some rock tunnels and gnarly geese.
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