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Cincinnati news anchor Bob Herzog sings the traffic report to the tune of 'Let it Go' . (SLYT)
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My God, he sells it.
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Way better than I was expecting.
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I read this at first to say: "Werner Herzog sings the traffic report" and I thought, "This is going to be epic"
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Is he related?
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Werner Herzog would be able to capture the existential ennui that this winter seems to have brought to much of the US, I'm sure.
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That's actually pretty good. Well done, sir.
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They do "Dance Party Friday," too.

Definitely the most entertaining local news of which I am aware.
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"My son Sam just looked at me ... I think there was shame in his eyes."

That was really cute. These guys give the folks at WGN a run for their money.
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Because I am shameless: My son performing "Let It Go."

(give it a minute before he really gets going)
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This guys is hilarious. I have been watching youtube videos of him all day. The best:

Traffic Man (Parody of "Rocket Man")
Drive Indiana (parody of "Copacabana")
Loyal (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde)
Eighth (Parody of George Michael's "Faith") He busts out the guitar, leather jacket, sunglasses and 5'oclock shadow for this.
Pumpkin Y'all (Parody of "Wreckin Ball")
Chippendales give Bob a dance lesson
Bob learns how to do the Flash Dance water scene from touring company of Flashdance the Musical - "Best booty pop we've seen." - Actress playing Alex in reference to Bob
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iOS YouTube app has it blocked, FYI, due to copyright complaints, but I was still able to get the embed here.
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The part that really sells it for me is the shot of him attempting to climb the icy stairs, paralleling Elsa's fancy ice staircase.
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What a goof. I mean that with all respect and affection. He does sell it. I would almost move to Cinci to watch the morning news, but Cinci is in Ohio (Michigander here). At least he's not in Columbus.
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Whatever they pay this guy, it is not enough.
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I think I've watched them all now, and I now love this guy -- especially for rhyming Indiana with Abandon ya. Give him that Emmy and the Tony!
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Cincinnati is only geographically located in Ohio, residents deny having anything to do with the State.
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I really enjoyed this.
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No way I'm clicking that. I heard the original and had that song bounce around in my head for days.
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I am a southern Ohio (semi) native and lived in Cincinnati for years. Mick is absolutely right fwiw.
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Loved it!
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As the father of a six year old who is performing this song in Mandarin for her school talent show, I really REALLY feel this man's pain.
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