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YouTube's best science video journalist, Brady Haran, and YouTube's best explainer, C.G.P. Grey, are buds. And they are five episodes into a new podcast, Hello Internet. (This is halfway toward their initial goal of ten episodes.) Brady and C.G.P. discuss interesting subjects, and the interplay between these two thoughtful guys is good, intelligent audio. [Previous Brady, previous C.G.P.]
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I lost a lot of respect for Grey when he chose to use in-city population instead of MSA population to make the argument that direct election would not concentrate power in the cities. Of course, had he done so, he wouldn't have been able to make the argument.
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Listening to the first one now. Thank you!
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I've listened to the first few. It's always enjoyable to listen to smart people having frank discussions, though I disagree with the implied premise of the "four lights" episode that success in any one facet of life can only be achieved by sacrificing all other facets. I intend to keep listening to the rest of the currently-released episodes, but I don't know if I'll keep going.
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