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On Aug. 1, 1833 the British outlawed (most) slavery in her colonies. There were, however, still crops that needed tending. Fortunately, Germany had excess people desperate for a better life. Some (as we have seen) of them wound up in Texas. Some, willing to sign on as indentured servants, wound up in Jamaica. Seaford Town Jamaica, to be exact. Their descendants can still be found. There is now a documentary on the subject. (Extended trailer can been seen here)
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The preview touches on it, but Seaford Town used to be synonymous with the ill effects of long-term inbreeding. The guy says people there are mixing now, which can only be for the good genetically.
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Oh that explains that Tricky lyric! Heard there's german-jamaicans / With twisted faces / Same as it ever was / Tell me what the race is
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Germaicans - getting stoned more efficiently since 1833.

Love the post title.
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On a tangent: I heard that there is actually a Jamaican dancehall/reggae musician/producer who's originally German, but moved there years ago, married a Jamaican woman and settled there; he's supposedly fairly well known. Has anyone heard of him?
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deeply fascinating on many levels - thanks
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From the second article: "those that remained had to adapt to the harsh conditions of rural Jamaica".

Sounds frightful!
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