Did'ja hear what I'm saying to you, or have you gone deaf with the soup?
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Delivering ten-minute chunks of surreal Irish humor, Soupy Norman may be the best series you've never seen.

Consisting of over-dubbed scenes from the Polish sitcom Pierwsza miłość, or First Love, Soupy Norman began its life as a one-off skit on the brilliant Time Trumpet (more from Wikipedia on Time Trumpet, which really does deserve a separate FPP of its own). It brought together some of the biggest names in Irish comedy (or so I'm told) for an eight episode run (missing sixth episode here), plus a two-part Christmas Special. The end result is odd, funny, and wonderful.
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Soupy Norman has appeared on the blue before, but the links in that post were long dead and nobody had mentioned the Time Trumpet roots.
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I've only watched the first one so far but I'm loving this! I'd never heard of it before so I'm looking forward to working through all the links. Thanks a lot for the post.
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It took me a few viewings to realize that people coming from central Ireland up to Dublin is totally analogous to Mid-westerners coming to New York. A lot of the terms I didn't recognize initially are Dubliners calling the main character a hick and a hayseed. But it all sounds so lovely in an Irish accent.

And once you're done with Soupy Norman, there's Bargearse. It's Australian, not Irish, and based on a detective show, not a soap opera, but it's the same kind of fun.
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Thanks for this, I watched all 8 episodes, and they're hilarious. I didn't get about 1/3rd of the jokes, but the remaining 2/3rds were still hilarious.
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This huge fan of bad lip reading has a new obsession -- thanks for the post, it's brilliant.
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"No wonder she's pullin' her hair out. You're a tool, son."

I'm crying here. Brilliant.
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I also cried. Fantastic.

I have not laughed so much since Grandma died.
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Utterly brilliant! Nothing makes me laugh harder than this sort of delightful nonsense!
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Soupy Norman has appeared on the blue before

Thank God for that. I was baffled as to how I might have actually seen the best series I've never seen.
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Yeah, and I think I found out about Bargearse from that previous thread too. "Hey, MetaFilter, here's this cool thing I found on .... MetaFilter."
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"Well look at ye. Standing there with that stupid face on ye."

I also loved the woman with the 8-year-old husband and Esther's phase where she thought she was a dog.
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Also I'm weirdly invested in the Polish soap opera now.
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So can anybody shine some light on what the deal is with the stumbly guy in the original Polish show? He stumbles into the house, crawls around on the floor for a minute then stumbles back out.
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My guess is that he was a local boy in our heroine's small town. He had a thing for her, but he's stayed in the small town, where's there's nothing to do in the evening but get drunk and stumble over to her father's place and ask when she's coming back. Guy like him are why she took herself off to the big city.

Apparently, I've much more invested in the Polish soap opera than I had previously suspected.
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Soupy Feckin' Norman.
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