The End is Nigh
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"Heaven Is a Place on Planet X" by Desirina Boskovich. "Break! Break! Break!" by Charlie Jane Anders. "System Reset" by Tobias Buckell. These three short stories are from The End is Nigh anthology, the first volume of The Apocalypse Triptych, three anthologies of stories about life just before, during, and after the apocalypse. "Post-apocalyptic fiction is about worlds that have already burned. Apocalyptic fiction is about worlds that are burning. The End is Nigh is about the match."

The Apocalypse Triptych is co-edited and self-published by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey.
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I love this stuff. Also check out Robert Charles Wilson's "Utriusque Cosmi".
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Nifty! My only complaint is that I'm sure I'll want to read the rest of the Triptych immediately and will have to wait until the other two books are out. Adams is a good editor - I highly recommend his monthly Nightmare Magazine, which you can subscribe to for only a few dollars a month; it has lots of good new stories and reprints by established and upcoming horror/weird fiction authors.
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If audio versions of stories are your thing, Enjoy the Moment by Jack McDevitt from the series is available at Escape Pod.
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I recently read Wastelands, which Adams edited, and found the stories hit or miss. In his defense, I loved the hits and still liked the misses. I'll have to check this collection out.
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My submission, The End Is Nighy, was rejected. Apparently the world isn't ready for a tale about Bill Nighy being patient zero of a mutant supervirus.
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That's okay, GallonofAlan, The End Is Nye, my story of the beloved science educator being revealed as the Great Beast of The Apocalypse failed to make the cut as well.. The Creationist Museum has expressed some interest in it, though.
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Happy-Shocking to see a friend's name on the front page of MF
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I've been waiting for this series a long time and am quite excited.
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Happy-Shocking to see a friend's name on the front page of MF

Which one?
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This one, homunculus, you're soaking in it.
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I'm a sucker for apocalyptic fiction, which combined with Amazon One-Click makes me an easy mark.

Thanks, homunculus, I guess?
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Related to the general theme, see Maureen McHugh's entire book of very good short stories, After the Apocalypse.
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They say in heaven, they play T-Rex. Ooh, heaven's a place on Planet ...

Never mind.
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An Outside Threat
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