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Beer labels can be an art, which is why the New York Times asked design god Milton Glaser to critique some. If you want much more, Oh Beautiful Beer offers a wonderful rundown of great graphic design in the world of beer, and Paste produced its own list of favorites, as has the community on Gizmodo. If this is all too crafty, there is a list of the best designs of bottom shelf beer as well. And that isn't even touching the best beer names (pun warning).
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My favorite from my local area is Aviator's Saison de Aviator. Roar! Great beer too.

For simplicity of theme I also love another local one, the tasty Duck Rabbit.

We live in some great times for beers. Even my little southern state has more craft breweries than I can shake a drunken finger at.
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Damn, Oh Beautiful Beer really makes me want to find a bunch of those, just to see if they look as good in person as they do online. I'm not sure I want to drink them, because I don't know if the appearance can match the taste. Case in point: Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA: delicious, despite the "lumpy" label appearance.
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Lookin' good, Natty Boh. Extra points for no one ever asking where your mascot's second eye went.

He's winking, haven't they ever seen the animated neon sign?
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Little known fact: Milton produced most of the design language for Brooklyn Brewery. The man knowns his way around a bottle, so to speak.

Personally, I love the work on 21st Amendment's cans. It's loud, full of style, has corny in-jokes and keeps me entertained reading the fine print and spinning the can around whilst drinking away a summer afternoon.
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I really love Pretty Things labels.
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Sierra's Ruthless Rye is pretty great.
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43. Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Oskar Blues): A great session beer…and a solid reference to the “candy” your Mom used to take after you threw a tantrum when she turned off Thundercats.

Wha? Candy? I thought it was because it's yellow. Like a pilsner should be.
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Pils = pills. AKA: Mother's little helpers.
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I think Sixpoint has some nice box/can designs.
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Burnt Rock has great curling inspired label. Haven't tried it yet though. The solid design is consistent with most of Beau's Brewery's beer labels.

In contrast Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion is a great beer, but the ugly label almost prevents me from buying it.
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Some more Beau's designs.
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Vintage Canadian beer labels from Ontario, Quebec and Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan, and other places. (courtesy of U of Toronto's Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library)
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All the No-Li labels just knock me out. They're just so happy and clean (and I like the beer as well). Link found via Beautiful Beer.
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For the labels, my local favorite has to be Odell's. I love the art style, and it doesn't hurt that the beer is delicious.
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I do not anywhere see what had to be the first funny beer name/label: Olde Frothingslosh. Starting out as a fake commercial on Rege Cordic's radio show in Pittsburgh, a local brewery offered to make it a reality (as a 'holiday seasonal' specialty), and the rest is history hysterical. My father, working in the Cleveland office of an insurance company, was gifted a six-pack of the legen-(wait for it)-dary brew and kept one empty bottle with the label as shown at the link, which he gave to me when I reached legal beer-drinking age.
Pale Stale Ale
"It's a whale of an ale for a pale stale male"
The foam is on the bottom.
Sadly, I have not been able to find that beloved bottle for years (I blame my ex-wife), but I am delighted that this whole "cute beer label" trend has resulted in its apparently triumphant return to non-discriminating Pittsburgh liquor stores.
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If anyone would like to try their hand at this sort of thing I am still kinda idly soliciting for label artists.
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the first funny beer name/label: Olde Frothingslosh.

oneswellfoop, I have a hazy memory of unearthing my dad's well-preserved Miss Olde Frothingslosh cans, which were stashed in a dark corner of the basement. Will be forwarding your link to him!
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Pfffft. Just give us an inkjet printer and we're good.

Bell's Two Hearted
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Alec Doherty's work for Partizan Brewery is fantastic
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AB has ruined the beer, but Rolling Rock still has a beautiful bottle.
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