Paintings and Google Street View mashups
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London to Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg and Tokyo to New York, well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world superimposed on to Google Street View by Halley Docherty (whose username is shystone on Reddit) | Google Street View Paintings by Raul Moyado Sandoval that he calls Metapanoramas | Also Paintings as Google Street View Maps via Lileks' wonderful Lint.

The Metapanoramas Project is an amazing experiment that uses the Google Maps API to create 360° degree Street View paintings. It is a project which, in the words of the artist, "expands the two-dimensional limits of traditional painting".

The viewer of the artwork is not limited to a static view of the painting. The paintings can be explored as you would explore a Google Maps Street View. You can pan around 360° degrees, you can pan up and view the sky and you can pan down to view the ground. Amazing!

Bonus link: Google Guns, now called Geo Guns, is an impressive tank fighting game that takes full advantage of Google Maps' 45° satellite views.
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Very cool!
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Great post. Thanks, nickyskye.
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