Girl Brothers
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Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman may best be remembered as members of Prince's Revolution.

While still recording new music together, they have also been composing for film and television,

Come for the funk, stay for the Aerosmith easter egg inserted into one of their songs, but put on some sort of pads or protective gear, as these women are about to kick your ass.
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I noticed they'd been doing soundtrack work, but I hadn't realized they'd been doing that much. Cool! *reads wiki links* Huh. I didn't know Wendy's partner was Lisa Cholodenko.
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I love how many of those TV shows have main protagonists who are female. "Our show is about a strong woman -- of course we call Wendy and Lisa" seems like a totally natural train of thought
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Yes Lisa
Is the water warm enough?
Yes Lisa
Shall we begin?
Yes Lisa
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Wish I could get a recording of this performance.
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Wendy And Lisa have remained a part of my musical life for many years, not just because of their interesting albums, but because they recorded one of the best winter season songs ever created by anyone.
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I got to meet them some years ago, when they came into Hustler for an interview (the entertainment editor was a huge fan). Lisa's moved on, but at the time both of them were partnered with women who had the complimentary name, i.e. Wendy was with (another) Lisa, and Lisa was with (another) Wendy.
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