Prince in the 1980s: a documentary
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According to the reviews at amazon this has been released as Prince: The Glory Years and Prince: In The 1980's.
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22 seconds in and I'm getting a VH-1 vibe, what with the unknown celebrity reading cue cards about How the 80's Were.

Back to the video.
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The thing with Prince and being a celebrity who rises out of nothing to become a celebrity and becomes known around the world by the name "Prince" is that one naturally assumes that it's all an act. The way Lady Gaga wasn't born with the title "Lady" (but rather Stefani Germanotta) or the way Duke Ellington wasn't really a Duke (Edward Ellington).

But Prince is real. That's his actual first name. Look it up if you don't believe me.
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So, not 'Purple Rain' then?
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Let's not dump on the Duke. He didn't name himself. But he did deserve the name, for damn sure.
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Obligatory link to Kevin Smith's famous Prince story. 31 minutes long and funny as all hell and absolutely worth every minute.
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Better yet, Duke Ellington is Edward Kennedy Ellington, which is almost the same name as Edward "Ted" Kennedy. Ironically, I think Duke Ellington was a Republican.
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The entirely flavor of this screams BBC to me. (And not just because of the British accent on the narrator.) The structure of the piece, the lack of obvious commercial break points... I've watched more than a few BBC hour-long artist pieces, and this fits perfectly in with those.

Really, I like Prince in a gigantic way. I get so frustrated by him post Sign O' The Times, because he's been so weird and so uneven. His newest albums always show so much promise and always seem to have exactly ONE song that might be a hit, only he never seems to release singles anymore.

Still, if he were to come to my town in concert, I'd be first in line to get tickets. I saw the Purple Rain tour back in 1984, and haven't seen him since, and yearn for it every tour.
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It's a DVD documentary extra from Chrome Dreams.
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I've just looked at bits of it, but it's very interesting as a contrast to Purple Rain, which might be one of the best bits of self-mythologizing by any musician ever. In particular, I was struck by Gayle Chapman, his original keyboardist, talking about how one day Prince just decided that she was going to wear what was basically lingerie on stage. (In this doco, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Meryl Streep.)
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I will just leave this here.
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