Hand Cut Illuminated Paper Art by Hari & Deepti
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Harikrishan Panicker and Deepti Nair, who both hail from India, go by the duo artist name of Hari & Deepti. Together they create small and large diorama artworks made of intricately cut layered paper lit by LED lights.
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Man, those are amazing. I met a guy in Venice, Italy that did this stuff, and like these in the gallery, I'm incredibly impressed that these are all hand-cut, since it feels like something computer could cut with a laser really well.
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Oh, wow, these are gorgeous.

After about six or seven I find myself kinda wanting them to experiment with some different colors and some different levels of detail on the figures, but they're still pretty damn gorgeous all the way down.
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Beautiful. I wish someone would photograph and post them in anaglyph 3-D. I get the impression that I'm missing quite a bit without the sense of depth.
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Utopia reminds me of Shimla Mirch. Absolutely beautiful.

Any details as to how long they take to create?
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Ditto on the gorgeous. It's cool that they posted the unlit and lit images. Amazing how much the lighting really makes the pieces.
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Utopia reminds me of Shimla Mirch.

Aww, that's what it was.
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Also, thank you Room 641-A for turning me on to my new favourite blog.
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This is awesome, and whoever photographed them did a great job as well.
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These are gorgeous. Between the depth created by the layers and the tiny scale of the human figures, it feels like you could get lost in them. Just beautiful.
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