Jon Hopkins, "Immunity"
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'Collider': bleakly euphoric music by Jon Hopkins; harrowing video - perfectly married to the music - by director Tom Haines. Hopkins says 'Collider' is the best track he's ever written. It's the centrepiece of his critically acclaimed and Mercury-nominated 2013 album Immunity.

In addition to 'Collider', two other singles were released from the album, each with its own compelling visual accompaniment:
    Key reviews:
  • AllMusic: "almost imperceptibly shifting beats"
  • Pitchfork: "The aggressive dance tracks darkly obliterate everything else, while the wet and sunny piano-ambient ones wash out into the sounds of wind, waves, and gulls."
  • The Guardian: "captures the feel of an epic night out"; "Hopkins's beats shuffle and trip but there is a great clarity of focus throughout, and a delicate beauty"
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Open Eye Signal was an anthem at work for the better part of my first year.
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Wow. Thank you for posting this. These tracks are amazing, as are the videos. Really impressed by the use of shuffling in the rhythms to affect the feel, and the extremely slow modulations. This is what I want from minimal techno: tiny changes that produce great changes in feeling and emotion.

In the vein of slowly-changing-techno have you seen this Minilogue jam session video?
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Good stuff! It reminds me of the classic Audion project on Ghostly International, who just released an updated ten-year anniversary version of their (so far only) album.
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I'm more about the Abandon Window from that album. Jon's work with King Creosote is also spectacular: Your Own Spell.
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Waiting to get my slow connection to let me listen/watch, but this album is in my wish list and I may have to move it up now.
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As someone who loves Hopkins' Immunity dearly although the genre isn't quite what he listens to mostly, I appreciate every recommendation so far! Keep 'em coming, fellow MeFites! :)
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This is right up my alley, but I’m having trouble getting into it. I feel like the videos are far better than the tracks. I love the sounds and the moods, but it seems like he finished producing it before he finished writing it, or as the one review said "yet its tracks occasionally feel like the surroundings for a focal point that never arrives."

Mostly I’m too distracted by the awkward and stiff rhythms, that while they may be that way on purpose, don’t hit me like J Dilla’s "that’s off, but awesome" feel, but more "I put these sounds in the sampler and this is how it came out and I don’t know how to fix it". I’m sure that’s not the case, but that’s how it feels.

It’s still so much the kind of thing I like that I’m going to have to check it out more.
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Wowwwwwwww I'm floored. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'm a massive fan of eno/glass/reich and other evolving, additive music, and this is the soundtrack to the nightclub of my dreams.

The off-kilter beats make me think of an amped-up Mount Kimbie, and the production is just immaculate.

Not to mention wonderful and disturbing videos. My day is made.
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why is she trying to eat that man's faaace
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I went to see him about a month ago, it worked really well live.
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Jon Hopkins is incredible - see also his Insides (buy it here) and the soundtrack he did to Monsters.
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I could play Form by Firelight twenty times a day and never tire of it.
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Nice, I only just recently found out about this dude.
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It's a bit more straightforward in style, but Graze does some nice work with shuffled patterns. The whole Edges album is worth a listen.
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