His name was Dick
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Sooner Or Later is a torch song written by Broadway idol Stephen Sondheim for the 1990 film Dick Tracey, Here's it performed by Bernadette Peters for the RuPaul show in 1997. Oscar performance by Madonna. Album version. Film version .
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I don't think I've ever seen Bernadette Peters do straight-up sexpot before -- she's usually more of the coy, clever seductress. (And are pillows standard piano-top fare? I assumed torch singers had to squirm around up there without padding.)
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When I saw Bernadette Peters in concert last week, she had pillows and velvety blankets on the piano. She did Fever. It was pretty hot.
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I want to be Bernadette Peters when I grow up. Seriously.
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Madonna's sort of jockish, isn't she? Never really clicked until now. But it feels like she brings the wrong energy to the song --- sleek, yes, but too powerful, almost athletic, in a way that makes it not sexy.
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i felt the exact opposite, i mean it has this raw power, a kind of mae west, edge of camp, seduction as tactical excercise, no negotion kind of thing. i loved it.
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"Though we both have religious names."

Every time I have heard Bernadette sing this song she opens with that joke. And every time I find it absolutely delightful.

Also, loved RuPaul saying "no you stay up there", she Ms.Ru is six foot a hundred and Bernadette is an elfin five foot. What a consummate host.
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This is one of my favourite Sondheim songs ever.

I only wish Madge had sung it after the vocal training she received for Evita.

But Bernadette! Singing this! I may die and it's all your fault Whelk.
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Also tweet this please because I'm lazy and just want to hit retweet
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:) I love how she agrees with Ru that Sondheim is hard, you really do have to study it, but this one . . . is a *little* easier.
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This post gave me a Sondheim jones. I have returned from my bender to say the the best version of this is actually Ruthie Henshall singing to Jack Barrowman.
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Diablevert, I love that! I think it's a great mixture of the sexual aggressiveness that Madonna does so well and the coy flirtation that Peters does so well.
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