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The Delian Mode (Kara Blake, 2009) - A 25-minute documentary about composer and pioneering electronic musician Delia Derbyshire, perhaps most familiar to Mefites for writing the theme song for "Doctor Who".
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Well.. performing the theme song for Doctor Who. Composed by Ron Grainer, arranged and performed by Delia Derbyshire.
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Maybe "crafting" would be a better way to put it than just "performing," as she was responsible for creating the electronic sounds -- before synthesizers! -- that gave us the Doctor Who theme as we know it:

Grainer was amazed at the resulting piece of music and when he heard it, famously asked, "Did I write that?"
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I believe "realize" is the verb of choice here. And Grainer would have been good with a composing credit for her.
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Bookmarked for later watching. You can never have too much Delia Derbyshire.
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And Grainer would have been good with a composing credit for her.

Indeed, this is addressed in the documentary, for those who want to watch it.
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The first bit of this is a strong rehashing of 'The Alchemists of Sound,' albeit with the interviews taking place a few years later--it's amazing how the age shows on the interviewees, and it's worth it for that on its own.

I love all the recording of Delia's voice over the telephone--I've always thought her speaking voice to be very musical itself, and a pleasure to listen to. I want her to have done narration, books on tape.

Yes, more Delia. She makes me want to dust off the viola and the four track and get to work.
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I am lucky to have snagged one of these. She was definitely a trailblazer.
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