Presenting the great poet and musician: Atahualpa Yupanqui
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Yupanqui's gorgeous and meaningful songs have been covered by musicians, worldwide. Yupanqui's are songs about life, revolution, the worker, and everyday things (like a workers cart). Give a listen to some of his songs (and their covers) - even if you don't understand a word of Spanish, you will be rewarded lilting melody and the soul of a true musician/poet.

Unfortunately, Yupanqui's work is little known in America, yet his music was very popular in Europe and Latin America, where his albums sold into the 10's of millions. I hope this will help expose more people to his music. Many the songs listed below are sung by Yupanqui, and also covered by others. Enjoy.

Los Ejes de mi carreta (Yupanqui)
Los Ejes de mi Carreta sung by Yupanqui, live

Le Tengo Rabia del Silencio (Yupanqui)
(Yupanqui, again)
also sung by:
Maria LeForet
Bastian Saez
Dercio Marquez

Nada Mas (Yupanqui)

Hay Leña Que Arde Sin Humo/El Carrero/ Ave Que Pasas Cantado /Los Yuyitos

Sin Caballo y en Montiel (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Miguel Zurdo Martinez

Piedra y Camino (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Piedra y Camino (Mercedes Sosa)
Baglietto y Vitale

Luna Tucumana (Yupanqui)
Luna Tucumana (Yupanqui)

El Poeta (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Jorge Cafrune

Preguntitas sobre dios (Yupanqui)

also, sung by:
Preguntitas sobre dios (Chavela Vargas)
Preguntitas sobre dios (Victor Jara)

Duerme Negrito (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Duerme Negrito (Mercedes Sosa)
Duerme Negrito (Victor Jara)
Duerme Negrito (Tania Libertad)

Los Hermanos (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Los Hermanos (Diego el Cigala, with Andres Calamaro)
Los Hermanos (Mercedes Sosa)
Los Hermanos (Mercedes Sosa, again)
Pedro Anzar
Bïa et Lhasa de Sela

El Alazan (Yupanqui)
El Alazan (Yupanqui, again)
also, sung by:
El Alazan (Voces Del Viento)
El Alazan (Suma Paz)
El Alazan (arr. Hugo de la Vega)

Caminito del Indio
also, sung by:
Hector Belaustegui

Chacarera de las Piedras (Yupanqui)
Chacarera de las Piedras (Yupanqui, in an early film)
also, sung by:
Carlos Di Fulvio

Recuerdos del Portezuelo (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Cuerda y Voz
Daniel Viglietti

Indiecito dormido (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Rosa Maria Lobo

El Aromo (Yupanqui/ wr.Risso)
also, sung by:

Milonga del Solitario (Yupanqui, instrumental lead in, voice)

Zamba del Grillo (Yupanqui, instrumental)

La Pura Verdad (Yupanqui, instrumental)

El Arriero (Yupanqui)

Milonga del Peon del Campo (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Milonga del Peon del Campo (Alberto Merlo)
Jorge Cafrune

La añera (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
La añera (Pedro Aznar)
La añera (Chango Nieto)
La añera (El Sosias)

Tu Que Puedes, Vuelvete (Yupanqui)
also, sung by:
Maria Dolores Padrera
Mercedes Sosa

Cancion Para Pablo Neruda, a song/poem dedicated to Pablo Neruda (Yupanqui)
Cancion Para Pablo Neruda, again

Yupanqui's Discography

Habla de la solidaridad (interview with Yupanqui, in Spanish)
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I grew up with his music. He's a wistful cowboy poet. Sad songs that speak of loneliness, but with a slightly ironic, sweet tone.
posted by Zpt2718 at 6:02 PM on April 17, 2014

Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of him.
posted by gt2 at 4:30 AM on April 18, 2014

I used to run around with a bunch of classical guitarists, Yupanqui was a big hit. Thanks for this.
posted by Dr Dracator at 12:11 PM on April 18, 2014

Great post. Thanks for introducing me to this, Vibrissae.
posted by homunculus at 9:42 PM on April 19, 2014

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