Goosebumps, drawn from memory. FOREVER.
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Goosebumps Plots Illustrated from Memory.

Same images with a writeup in case you're unfamiliar with the never-ending, always-falling-off-the-library-shelves wonder that was Goosebumps.

Previously, previously, previously.
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no love for Bunnicula?
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Now do Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
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Now do Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

I remember no stories, but the drawings are seared in my retinas.

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These books were the elementary school lead ins that led to my love of Stephen King and other horror/sci-fi novelists and reading in general. Simplistic and, in retrospect, really, really terrible but thanks all the same RL, you did good by this avid consumer of the written word.

I will not be going to see that movie, let me tell you.
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Wow this post has opened up the childhood memory floodgates. Stay Out of The Basement, Say Cheese and Die!, and Welcome to Camp Nightmare were all favorites of mine.

Also, the cover art (linked above) on a lot of the earlier books was surprising good, for what it was.
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