You Made Your Big Mistake When I was Cc'd on the Message
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Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club is a project overseen by the perversely multitalented Cory McAbee (previously, previously) It's a band/fan club/film production group, which has been working for the last two years on music written by McAbee and orchestrated/performed by anybody interested in uploading a mix. Its ultimate project will be a feature film chronicling the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln.
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I am disappointed there haven't been more comments to this post. Oh wait there haven't been any! This is more of a shame than any of you realize. As the original poster noted McAbee is perversly multi-talented, and I think with a dash of genuis. I first came across McAbee last spring or summer when Netflix had his film American Astronaut up. This is everything indie movies ought to be, I thought. Movies in general really. He's fascinated by what he works on and innocent at it in a way a lot of people aren't . Since then I've been trying to acquaint myself with all his projects (Stingray Sam etc), and ways of thinking about things. At one point I used the WFMU artist look-up tool to see if any FMUers had played the Billy Nayer Show (McAbbe and Bobby Luries' band), predecessor to CAMC. StationManagerKen had -- so you've got that.
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