a living hell has become hopeful under Raúl Castro [?]
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For more than 30 years, New York based photographer Mariette Pathy Allen has been documenting transgender culture worldwide; in 2004 she won the Lambda Literary Award for her monograph The Gender Frontier. In her new publication (amazon), TransCuba, Allen focuses on the transgender community of Cuba, especially its growing visibility and acceptance in a country whose government is transitioning into a more relaxed model of communism under Raúl Castro's presidency. (trans 101)
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The photo of Charito nursing a week-old piglet in the Mother Jones article is killing me.
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Those are beautiful and striking photos. I'd love to see them in person. I don't see an exhibition listed near me, but hopefully I'll find a copy of the book as a consolation prize.
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Her more recent photos of younger kids is incredible.
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Obligatory warning: do not read the comments on Mother Jones! (As of late last night, anyway, they were pretty horrific).
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TwoStride--unfortunately your (appropriate) warning piqued a morbid sense of curiosity--like watching an inevitable collision. Reading a few of those comments challenged my already waffling but general support for anonymity. Quickly turned to other links and the blue
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I feel ya, rmhsinc--after all, we should probably know better than to read the comments, and yet last night I couldn't look away, either...

In the meantime: stunning pictures, and I hope that conditions continue to improve for this community.
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Oh, uh. This is embarrassing. Fixed link.
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