Can we do that there? Be that here? Check Equaldex.
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Equaldex: the collaborative LGBT knowledgebase! A crowd-sourced, verified, beautifully presented representation of equal rights (and how they are specifically denied) for LGBT folks. [via reddit]
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They still list gay marriage as being illegal in Arkansas. I wonder if it's more of a lag in updating or a conscious decision to wait until all the appeals, etc., run their course.
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Well, they do list Utah, which is in just as much appeal limbo as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.
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It claims that "LGBT Discrimination" is illegal in the US because "In all Federal positions, discrimination based on sexual orientation is against the law. In non-federal government jobs, it is based on the state's laws." Not sure this is a particularly good measure...
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I think it's worth emphasising that the data is crowd-sourced, and people are encouraged to sign up to contribute.

I think there should be a non-FB sign-up option, but, other than that, it looks like there's room for lots of input to make the data better.
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Legal equality is a great thing. But I'm welcoming the day when actual equality exists, when I'm not assumed to be straight simply because I exist, when I don't have to take an inner deep breath and decide to correct the anonymous cashier at the gas station I won't ever go to again in response to his casual comment, when I can say "my partner" (or eventually "my husband") and not see that involuntary widening of the eyes in the person I'm talking to...

This is a great post. But it fails to measure the parts of daily life where one is constantly reminded that one is considered an outsider and unequal that still affect LGBT people, even when they do have equal status (of varying levels and various sorts) under the law.
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Interesting to see that in the Netherlands, homosexuality has been legal since 1811, thanks to the French occupation of the country at that time.
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Dutch Civil Law provides that in order for a citizen to change their legal gender they must first undergo gender re-assignment surgery.

Shouldn't this get a yellow flag? That isn't like, dancing in the gardens legal as far as quite a few people would be concerned.
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