Warning: Tears May Be Imminent
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Meet Frostie the Snow Goat, who suffers from joint/navel ill and has to borrow a quadruped wheelchair from Leon Trotsky the piglet. Both critters are residents of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, a “a not for profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals”.
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Is that little wagging goat tail and adorable little goat bleat what I needed right now? Yes, it was.

I spent a night in a quaint B&B in upper Massachusetts, ca 1998. The owners had an elderly German Shepard who had lost full use of her back legs. I was there on the day that her hind-leg wheelchair arrived (as well as the day before).

The day I arrived, the dog greeted me and was very sweet, but she had to drag herself across the floor to greet me. If I remember correctly, the woman even had to help her.

The next morning, they saddled her up in her wheelchair for the first time.

For whatever reason -- I'm assuming that it was because this was a VERY small town with little pedestrian traffic -- they affixed a tall golf-course-like flag to the back of her wheelchair, for visibility.

The day she spent getting used to her wheelchair, I hung out on the balcony of this B&B and watched the shenanigans progress from her parents coaxing her to take a few steps in the new contraption, to watching that golf flag zoom around the park in the center of this tiny town so damn fast that her parents jogged after her.

When she came back to the Inn to settle down, that dog had the biggest, doggiest dog smile of any dog smile that has ever existed.

In conclusion, yay for goat wheelchairs, and for animal wheelchairs in general.
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Tears imminent? Absolutely. I wanna just hug them all.
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Mudpuppie's comment is both awesome and apt, because I can't get over how very doglike this goat is. So affectionate!
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I was prepared to be teary-eyed. Ended up more pissed off than anything. That goat's hind feet, dragging on the ground, are going to be bloody stumps if they don't adjust the wheelchair to an appropriate height.
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I was really hoping the residents of Gavle were having some kind of Christmas-in-July rematch...
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Sys Rq, I'm sure they will address that quickly given the care it seems they have for these animals. I've had two German Shepherds get old enough to have hip problems take the use of their back legs. We tried a cart, and getting the cart height right is a difficult balance; too high and all the weight is on their front legs and it's exhausting, and too low and they can't get leverage to pull forward. We never got them to work well and I just ended up hauling them around with a sling made from a towel and a couple dowels.
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I love this. I was worried about the height of the wheelie as well, but I am 100% confident they will fix that up.
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His happy bleats made me smile.
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Sys Rd: please read the comment at the bottom of this page. They explain why. http://www.edgarsmission.org.au/30910/frostie-the-snow-goat/
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