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Well Prepared (Lorde - Royals Refix) (Soundcloud, static video at YouTube) from Jamaican dancehall singer Busy Signal. Pitchfork says "It's an effortless track that makes something incredibly familiar feel eerily and pleasantly brand new."

Previous Blueposted Royals: Pentatonix Pomplamoose Puddles
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I'm not sure I could call something with that much autotune "effortless", but it's an interesting remix.
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"Royals" has always reminded me of Paul Young's "Love of the Common People", which itself seemed to be fashioned from the Nicky Thomas version. So from a certain angle, that slightly haunted melody has looped back to Jamaica once again.
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I live in the Caribbean (not Jamaica) and this is the only version I have heard for months and months and when cover bands do this song they do the Busy Signal version. I had almost forgot the original version. Thanks for reminding me about Lorde.
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I really enjoyed the Flume remix of Lorde's Tennis Court. Check it out here:
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Peripherally: T-Pain ft. Young Cash, Royals. Alex Boye, Royals.
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effortless? - well, they got out what they put into it - doesn't make it for me
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I think I would really have liked that if it hadn't been autotuned, and aggressively autotuned at that.
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I think part of the joke/homage is that the original is also aggressively although somewhat more subtly autotuned.
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I like it. It has exactly the right sound to be popular in the Caribbean, which means that it hints at what will be popular in the US years later.
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Yeah, have been hearing this on mixtapes for a while now. Not sure if I like it more than the original or not, but a good dancehall tune, less aggressive than most.
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busy signal:
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