The World Cup of World Cup 2014 songs
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We join the action in the quarter finals, where the line up is as follows: Croatia v Spain, Bosnia v Italy, Brazil v Argentina, and Belgium v Chile, in The Guardian's World Cup of World Cup 2014 songs, as voted for by Guardian readers.
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As I Chilean I am deeply, deeply offended by their choice of Negro PiƱera as our representative. How do I vote for Belgium?
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Figured it out, Belgium's up 52 to 47.
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Has there been a good football tournament song since Baddiel & Skinner's Three Lions (Football's coming home)?
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Now, I don't think they really should count any song that's not sung by actual World Cup footballers, and--

> Group F's Argentina do not have an official anthem, but they do have an unofficial one featuring Maradona

Right then. Carry on.
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The video itself is quite baffling. It features the traditional rolling green fields and misty seascapes of, er, Spain.

But we do have those rolling green fields and misty seascapes along the north coast from Galicia to the Basque Country :/ (content warning: institutional tourism videos, all in Spanish language because the autonomous communities can't be arsed to promote tourism abroad, which is why all Brits think Spain looks like Benidorm)
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Ukraine has an unofficial anthem to contribute to the mix.

"Huilo" definition.
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Korea released an entire album of k-pop and k-rock tunes to help cheer along the Reds during the 2014 World Cup.

Some of the tracks:
"Song of Fighting Spirit" (official cheering song) - Ailee
"To the Victory 2014" - Transfixion & Mina
"Run! My Friend" - Dickpunks
"You, Spread the Wings of Victory" - AOA
"Go All" - Broken Valentine
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I've spent all morning listening to Stromae because somebody asked me for a playlist for a World Cup themed librarian dance party this weekend. (Sometimes I wonder where my life took a wrong turn.) "Ta Fete" is just a great song. A well deserved win. (Seriously, Bosnia's is soporific.)

Of course, I would love to see a tournament of World Cup squads singing songs. Like England 1982 with "This Time (We'll Get It Right" or Germany 1978 with "Buenos Dias Argentina".

And then you can have the solo records - Pele, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Gascoigne, and Dempsey.
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Shakira's execrable World Cup anthem


How can you write an article about World Cup songs and just dismiss the reigning champion like this. Waka Waka may have been the best received World Cup song of all time. It's telling that the #VoltaWakaWaka tag continues to trend as Brazilians express their wish to just give the afrocentric Waka Waka a second at bat rather than put up with the Pitbull/JLo atrocity.

Interestingly, Shakira released a song for this WC as well: La La La

I'm sure I won't be the only one pretending it's the official song.
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The new Shakira song is better than the Pitbull/JLo atrocity, but the bar is low. It's no Waka Waka.

But the Waka Waka will always have a space in my heart because it's where Shakira in Pique met and soon fell in love and their love has given us such cute scenes as this picture of them kissing over a dolphin, their son Milan looking sad with mom, and Milan playing the drums. Kid's got beat. (I'll fess up to an unexpected fondness for that family.)
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Has there been a good football tournament song since Baddiel & Skinner's Three Lions (Football's coming home)?

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256: "Waka Waka may have been the best received World Cup song of all time."

While obviously his personal life is the opposite of Shakira's in its reprehensibility, I did enjoy R. Kelly's Sign of a Victory, which I guess was the Official Anthem of the 2010 World Cup which is somehow different than being the Official Song. Anyway, for reasons known only to R. Kelly, the video features more shots of the Sears Tower than any South African landmark despite notionally being a travelogue of his trip to the World Cup.
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Sometimes when I'm a bit drunk, I like to bring up that Shakira song, only I insist on pronouncing it like I'm Fozzie Bear: WOCKA WOCKA THIS TIME FOR AFRICA! Oddly enough, I still have friends.
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