It's like The Oscars, but with just the good parts
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In a world On May 30th the 15th Annual Golden Trailer Awards were handed out in Beverly Hills, CA. There are a total of 75 categories; the 17 top awards were handed out live at the sold-out show and are linked below the fold. posted by Room 641-A (11 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
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Hm, I'm disappointed that this isn't about RVs.
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That Gravity trailer is absolutely extraordinary, and I wish grumble grumble that more movie trailers would follow its lead and just show two minutes of inciting action rather than a compilation that inevitably includes shots of the film's climax. It's more intriguing AND doesn't spoil the movie. Everyone's a winner!

See also: Unbreakable.
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I love that they have an award named for Don LaFontaine.
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Personal nomination for a trailer razzie: BRAUM! BRAUM! in trailers for movies that are not Inception.
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I had not heard of "Bad Words" before so I watched the trailer, and now I'm really angry.

It's a great trailer for a movie that represents everything I don't want to ever watch on screen.
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I was on a dig once where one of our few sources of entertainment was creating narration (and sometimes action) for trailers for increasingly improbably movies. It was a dinosaur dig so there were a lot of 'X [where = a name of a dinosaur] will rise!' commentaries accompanied by stomping motions and roaring.
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The Don Lafontaine Award winner? Now THAT'S a F**KING Trailer!
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I wish grumble grumble that more movie trailers would follow its lead

I don't really get the idea that lots of trailers give the entire story and the climax away. The problem with the Gravity trailer is that it gives you the entire set-up for the film and spoils that part completely. There isn't much story development anyway in that film, so for anyone who has not seen it, it would suck to see this trailer first. Is it a fantastic piece of cinema? Yes. But in a trailer, I would rather see a montage of re-ordered scenes that seem to give the story away, than something that supplies the Cliff's Notes for a whole chunk of the movie.
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Everything in the Gravity trailer is from the first five minutes of the film. And it's a single shot. That's not Cliff's Notes, that's an excerpt.

Keep in mind, I never read the backs of books either, but read the first chapter instead.
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rather than a compilation that inevitably includes shots of the film's climax

The Ghost Writer is a very interesting example of this. It's an extremely taut politicalthriller that slowly pulls you to the edge of your seat until the film's climax. The remarkable part is that if, like me, you saw the trailer beforehand you already saw the climax, but without the context to understand it.

I wouldn't exactly say it was intended as misdirection because it doesn't give anything away, reveal character or plot points, or spoil anything even after the fact, but it was obviously a deliberate decision to include certain elements in the trailer. I think it's the only time I saw a movie and then went back to watch the trailer as part of the overall movie experience, if that makes any sense. (Except to listen to a funny line again or something.)
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