Reel, real, rial
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I approve of this post. Because I think everyone needs to know all about all the various bilabial sounds and their visualizations.
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I too approve of this post.
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Reel, real, rial

Flower, flour.
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As a phonetician I approve of this post (even though I can't see the videos because the internet is too bad at my field site).

The IPA - and the basic articulatory phonetics built into it - is so useful for anyone who needs to write coherent descriptions of how speech sounds are pronounced, either in their own language or others. You simply can't do it without basic articulatory phonetics.

Anyway, videos are great - but if you want to hear more sounds, including non-English ones, there are several IPA in audio websites out there. Click on an IPA symbol, and you'll hear it pronounced. Here's the one that pops up when you search "IPA in audio."

(My favorites are the lateral fricatives.)
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Useful and beautiful.
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Teaching goldmine! I love it. Very cool, thanks for sharing.
posted by ootandaboot at 7:59 PM on June 7, 2014

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