Mr. 10%
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Heh - a footnote on a footnote.
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So he "violated the FIFA ethics code"? Waitaminute... FIFA has an ethics code?!?
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"In December 2001, FIFA President Sepp Blatter addressed Blazer’s venture in a press conference, saying the association needed “to establish a code of conduct to avoid such situations for members of the executive committee.”"

Oh man ... ::wipes tears:: ... that's the funniest thing I've read all week!

Also, really interesting piece.
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This reminds me of the guy I knew who organized a kids' lacrosse tournament and somehow acquired a new Jeep around the same time. He later went to jail for skimming something like half the take off the top.
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Can anyone guess Chuck Blazer's religion? The author left us clues!

He has "a huge unruly mass of bushy hair and beard, and a broad toothy grin over a prodigious belly". You know, like this guy.
He is "canny, ambitious, and ruthlessly self-serving".
He grew up in "a heavily Jewish middle-class neighborhood in Queens".
His school was "one of those legendary New York brain factories" whose alumni included "Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel [...] the Ramones, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. The FHHS class of 1961 included Jerry Springer ...".1
He is "a great salesman".
He has chutzpah!
His "social circle included showbiz figures such as Law & Order creator Dick Wolf and TV sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer." Not Barbara Streisand or Jerry Seinfeld, otherwise the article would say so.
Oh, and in 1986 "Chuck Blazer insisted on 10%" from a benefit game whose proceeds were for "a grieving widow".

OK, now what's your answer? More importantly, why does the author want you to reach that answer?

1 Do you know what connects these figures? Wrong! Not all the Ramones were Jewish! The answer is that they were all musicians, just like Chuck Blazer. Al Kooper "remembered being in a band one summer with Blazer, who played tenor sax". Uh, all except for Jack Lew I guess.
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You could always email him and ask, Joe.
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Soccer, Made in America - "With His Eye on the World Cup, a German Coach Overhauls Team USA"
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