Envisioning the American Dream
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Envisioning the American Dream is "a visual remix of the American Dream as pictured in Mid-Century media" that discusses topics such as Man and Machines, Vintage Advice for Cheaters, and Suburbia for Sale, amongst many others.
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To think, there was a time people envisioned an American Dream.

Now they endure it.
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Mind, that was a time when it seemed everyone was participating in building a dream together. These days, it feels more like a nightmare imposed by oligarchs.
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The collages are really wonderful, but the commentary is a bit simple-minded. I think there's a lot more nuances that could be explored. Lileks also treads this path, and is a lot funnier.
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Oh, man. The casual misogyny and sexism is really hard to take. I am reminded that this was also an era when men who raped were commonly called "rape artists".
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Ah, this is the collage artist Sally Edelstein. As a devotee of the vintage, I've run across her before. I agree that the commentary is not strong - the girdle entry makes me wonder if she paid attention to anyone who ever wore a girdle. The text seems like advertising messages, especially compared with, say, Ivy Leaf.
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