With Paul Rubens as Gozer.
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Belushi as Venckman, Bill Murray handing out cash to homeless folks, and a bus full of schoolkids yelling "Dickless!" at William Atherton: on the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, here's an informative infographic full of movie trivia.
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I always thought the bad guy's name was Dozer.
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"What did you do, Ray?!"
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Any one else's Lego Ecto-1 missing parts from their kit? I had to raid my 4 year old's collection, all the while refusing to look at him or my own reflection in the mirror lest I realize I'd turned into the dad from The Lego Movie.
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"Actor Peter MacNicol spent a lot of time in his trailer creating Dr. Janosz Poha's origin story, unique accent, and mythology for Carpathia."
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Mrs. Bastard and I just went to a baseball game featuring the Saint Paul Saints (partly owned by Bill Murray) this past Saturday and there we learned that there is a Twin Cities-based Ghostbusters club (who were at the game in honor of the 30th anniversary of the film). They were fully kitted up with cars, plasma blasters, and all the cool gear. They reminded me how much I loved that film.
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It's fascinating to watch those movies fresh - I just did a couple months ago - and realize how just about everything that goes wrong in both movies is because Venkman is a big loud idiot who takes all the credit for Egon and Ray's work. Especially considering that the movie was written as a labor of love by Ramis and Aykroyd, with Murray being at least a fourth choice for the role.
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Wow, imagine how different a movie it would have been with Belushi, Murphy and Candy in those roles.
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Oh, I think there are ghostbusters clubs all over the place! There is usually a contingent walking down Main Street during the Twilight Parade here in town. Big hit with the kids.
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Ghostbuster clubs are pretty cool. Living in Halloween City, USA (Salem, MA), we usually end up with two or three Ectos-1 tooling around the city, Ray Parker Jr blaring away. When different group meet, they pretty much all get along and fall into character with each other, which is a stark contrast to how 'actual' ghost hunting clubs respond to encountering each other on 'their' turf (and everyone considers Salem their turf)- with petty airing of grievances and finger pointing.
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robocop is bleeding: "Lego Ecto-1"

Why oh why does Metafilter make me lust after so many things....
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We just gave my 13 year old son the LEGO Ecto-1 for his birthday today. If he'd just been born a day earlier, he could've shared a birthday with the movie, rather than Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman...
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Ghostbusters II gets a raw deal, in my opinion. But it was the first Ghostbusters movie I saw and actually enjoyed. Since I was 3 years old when the first came out, instead of finding it funny it actually scared me to death. The Slimer scene in particular I remember would cause me to go into uncontrollable screaming crying hysterics, my mom still jokes about it.

Also, "On Our Own" is objectively a superior song to "Ghostbusters", and 100% less Huey Lewis plagiarizing.
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And now I'm trying to find out if there are any Ghostbusters Clubs in New England. Please hope me?
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...finding an NYC Ghostbusters club is proving surprisingly difficult.
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Paul Rubens would have been freaking great as Gozer.
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potsmokinghippieoverlord: "Here are our local Ghostbusters!"

I need to enable Java to look at their site? Are they trying to make me think that my computer is haunted?
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I loved the original Ghostbusters and can quote large sections of it (child of the 80s) but I'm not sure I've ever seen Ghostbusters II. Perhaps I will remedy that.
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> Paul Rubens would have been freaking great as Gozer.

Hopefully with a comically-prolonged death scene which is his other, or maybe other-other, stock-in-trade.
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Venkman is a big loud idiot who takes all the credit for Egon and Ray's work

I watched it fresh on a long flight recently. It's _VERY_ open to reinterpretation. One of my most random thoughts is that Ghostbusters has a very pro-Reagan anti-big-government, anti-high-culture thread running through it. Although part of that may be that every Bill Murray picture of the period is slobs vs. uptights. But just look at everyone Venkman clashes with: stuffy academic dean, officious hotel manager, agent of the EPA.... Even the people he eventually charms (Dana and the mayor) are the prissiest of prissy prisses at first.
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Well, it's made perfectly clear that the only reason they got kicked out of the university was Venkman's big mouth. And the EPA agent was being perfectly reasonable and could have been given a tour, shown the safety precautions, and sent on his way with no further incident, except for Venkman being an ass.
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I love this movie, but it did foster an irrational distrust of the EPA for years in my ten-year-old self.
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To this day, I've never understood the ghost-plowchops scene. The ghosts are "bad" or at least being captured... I mean, what's the ghosts motivation in this scene? Although, looking now, I see that it's supposed to be a dream...?
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Also little-known trivia: I could have hocked a loogie onto Bill Murray while he and Dan Aykroyd filmed a scene below the window of my French class at Columbia.
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immlass: "I'm not sure I've ever seen Ghostbusters II. Perhaps I will remedy that."

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Yeah, just to be clear, the answer is never, ever "Ghostbusters 2".
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