24 Russian Photographers
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Livejournal is mostly Russian at this point. I browse one of those "raw image feed" websites. (NSFW frequently). There are some stunning Russian photographs mixed in.
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Saw this last week at Calvert Journal (first I'd seen that site, and it looks interesting), which has more from each photographer. The work is much better than the click-baity headline might lead on.

I'd also debate whether they're showing a new view of Russia, but the photography itself is quite good, so I'd advise to ignore the title again. And it's great to see Russian photographers get some of their due attention.
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Oh, and while we're on the subject, check out Media Crowd (make sure you go to the .org rather than the .ru or .com or anything else). A few people I know are involved in the project and it showcases photography and multimedia about Russia and the rest of the CIS, usually by Russians or those local to wherever the piece is about. It's mostly in Russian, but clicking around will get you to some interesting content.

Here are all of the pieces on Russia they've published. Many, such as this one on the Moscow Metro, have English subtitles or no language component.
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Evgenia Arbugaeva made me look twice--the Tiksi stuff is wild. A lot of the rest of it looks like the photogs are channeling Nan Goldin, Martin Parr, Sally Mann, Michael Wolf, maybe even a little (clothed, thankfully) Jock Sturges. Which is not to say the photos aren't good, or interesting, or perhaps new for Russia, but the Guardian framing, I think, sells it wrong--it seems weird to change the way the West sees Russia with a lot of images that look like they're cribbed from recognizable western photogs. I really do love it when Russian livejournal blogs get linked, though. It always blows my mind.
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And the Guardian succumbs to Buzzfeed-like headline writing.
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These are kind of exactly how I already see Russia.
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And the Guardian succumbs to Buzzfeed-like headline writing.

I was paying more attention to the awesome links in the article. Anyway, if this makes you wrinkle your wee nose in disgust, you should see the new Guardian mobile app. An utter disaster!
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Not to be mistaken, I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to these photographs and artists.
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