Book 3 - Air Benders, Earth Kingdom, ZUKO, and Boom Boom Sparky Girl?
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Change, the third book in the Legend of Korra, was officially completed last week, as announced by co-creator Mike DiMartino, and while an airing date remains unknown, the unexpected leak of three to four episodes from the season has resulted in an earlier than expected release of the season's trailer, just over two minutes of speculation creating, excitement inducing, animation for Legend of Korra fans. Fire Lord Zuko, anyone?

In excellent news, StudioMir, the South Korean animation company that did all the animation in Book 1, but only approximately half of the animation in Book 2, has produced all the animation for Book 3 (and Book 4). Likewise, Jeremy Zuckerman returns to add more enchanting music to the soundtrack.
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Prince Zuko the cat will be excited to watch his namesake again. That, or he won't give a damn.
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I'm not sure if I'm still committed to this show. Season 2 was awful except for the Wan two-parter, which somehow managed to reach the heights of AtLA. But that was just two worthwhile episodes out of 13...
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I have mixed feelings for Season 3. A part of me feels like it can't possibly be *that* bad but I wasn't a huge fan of S2 or S1 really. Animation looks lovely though.
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I'm really hoping they brought back the writing staff from ATLA. The writing on Korra, in terms of narrative consistency, characterization arcs, and consequences, has varied from okay to lousy. It really undercuts the lovely animation when characters get dropped or turned into one-note charicatures, or fail to learn anything at all over the course of a season.
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Yes! I'm looking forward to Book 3, even if Book 2 wasn't as good as I felt it should have been (with the exception of Avatar Wan).

Old Man Zuko yessss
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As someone who abandoned the show after the disappointment that was the conclusion of season 1... does season 2 merrit an investment?
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My partner asked me this same question yesterday, and I suggested that they watch the Avatar Wan two-parter and read summaries of the rest.
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Season 2 drags a lot for the first half, but it gets a lot better at the half way mark. "Beginnings" was as good as anything in the first series.
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I'm going to do what I did with season 2 and let the Internet tell me which, if any, episodes are worth watching. In the meantime, the whole first series is free on Prime.
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heh, I'm looking forward to the fanfare threads about this show.

I've got my fingers crossed that it's worth watching! What I'll probably do is wait for it to be all over and then burn through it in a couple of evenings.
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Season Two has baby sky bisons.

Your arguments are irrelevant.
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One glaring problem with Book 2's first half was the animation by the Japanese Studio Pierrot, which just did not run with the same awesome consistency that Studio Mir brought to Book 1. The Beginnings two parter was the return of Mir and the return of mostly excellent animation. To provide an example of the difference, to myself, it felt like the first part of Book 2 was just slightly out of focus. You recognize everything, but something just doesn't feel right.

If you were not a fan of Book 1, you may not enjoy Book 2, but it's only 13 episodes and Beginnings is definitely worth a fun watch and requires relatively little knowledge of the goings on of Book 2 to enjoy and understand as it's a prequel/backstory to the origin of the Avatar.

As for writers, I did see that they have brought in Katie Mattila, who wrote for Last Airbender, particularly the Tale of Zuko in the episode Tales of Ba Sing Se, and also the episode, The Beach.

One major difference in writing for Korra was that the co-creators decided to initially handle the duties entirely by themselves, but appear to have been bringing in more help for the job.

Whenever we do get to the point of a Fanfare post for the first episode, it would probably be prudent to slap a simply summary of the show up to that point (OR have a re-watch leading into Book 3 premier).
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Season two features the birth of movies ("Movers"), with terrible special effects and celebrity culture, and Bolin pretending to be a waterbending hero and there is also a pretty awesome Howard-Hughes-ish guy with the most bad-ass of all assistants: Zhu-Li (a sort of ruthless female Jeeves).

It suffers from inconsistency, yes, and I hope this season and season 4 overcome them. I didn't care for the waterbending cousins much. But it's got a lot of good bits in there. The Avatar Wan stuff was amazing.

My biggest complaint was that they have built and imagined an incredibly rich world but spent too much time on teen romances. I didn't actually care for any of the romance in ATLA either, except maybe Sokka and Suki. So I hope there's more punching, less moping, is what I'm saying.
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My biggest complaint was that they have built and imagined an incredibly rich world but spent too much time on teen romances.

Target audience, though, so we'll probably have more of it.

That was a well-made trailer. It didn't spoil everything with an obviously chronological framing the way the new Dumb and Dumber trailer did. The quick glimpse of the Sand Worm/Moray Eel, yep, I'm in.
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I've been rewatching ATLA recently, and even the weaker episodes are, by and large, delightful. The storytelling isn't perfect in every episode, especially in season 1, but they were fun to watch. Whereas LoK has been kind of overtaken by its sense of its own gravitas.

I'm really hoping Season 3 brings back the writers from ATLA and returns to the character building that the team excelled at, rather than imitating Moffat's "this will destroy everything as we know it" every season model of writing.

(Season 2 missed out on the chance to deal with the aftermath of Amon's unseating, so it's unlikely Season 3 will come back to it, but man, what a missed opportunity.)
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(Also, if I never have to see Mako again it would be too soon. He is the Riley Finn of the Korra world.)
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I thought season 2, while not as good as 1 or most of ATLA, was still better than like 99% of the rest of television. Not current television, all television, to date.
So, I'm looking forward to season 3. And hoping for more Eska.
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Wow. Season 1 had such a low impact on me I completely missed there even was a second. And I'm pretty sure I made a post on the damn show.
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(Season 2 missed out on the chance to deal with the aftermath of Amon's unseating, so it's unlikely Season 3 will come back to it, but man, what a missed opportunity.)

They did, but definitely not in the most direct way. We had the ruling council (of all benders) removed and replaced by a democratically elected non-bender president. I'd be willing to bet that the benders represent only a sizable minority in Republic City. This did have consequences in the president out right refusing to get involved in the Water Tribe civil war, for example. I have the feeling that a council of benders might not have been so resistant to the idea, but it's pure speculation.

The romance didn't bother me so much, as I recognized it was carried over from ATLA, but on a teenager scale. One of co-creators confessed he was surprised by the animosity over some of it, as he claims he experienced the very same thing as a teenager himself. I'm currently watching Veronica Mars and found that the romance angle is no less persuasive there, despite the fact that the show could be generally awesome without any of it at all.

That said, I'm looking forward to an Avatar Korra who's decided to put love on the side for now.

The trailer is all kinds of crazy.

We obviously have a lot of air bender action happening, and the question really arises, are we seeing flashbacks or were there hidden air benders in the same way we had it revealed there were hidden air bison? Or are most of the air benders really just the peeps who fell in love with Aang and the air bending culture and now are stewards of the temples and the customs of air bending?

Zuko...rocking the Avatar Roku look. I do wonder if there'll be a shared scene between him and Katara, the last of Team Avatar?

It was said that Grey DeLisle would be back and voicing a "bad" water bender, so presumably, that may be her, the bender who's in the cage and grabs water to turn into water tentacle/whips thingamajigs. By the way, she did have a cameo voice in Book 2, where she played a spirit mushroom.

So much stuffs in the trailer...
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There is at least one non-Aang-descendant airbending in this trailer. Does this mean Korra has done what seemed the obvious step, given airbending to the acolytes? Or did the spirits intervene?

(and if no one at least asks "Korra, we are short on airbenders, why not give out some airbending since you can, now?" in the show, I will scream. Poor Pema does not need to be tasked with birthing an entire type of bender by herself.)
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I've been hesitant about more LoK but knowing at least one of the AtLA writers (and one who is not a dude) is back piques my interest. Plus, I'm a sucker for more Lin and the prospect of new air benders.

It looked like the little air bender kid was Earth kingdom – maybe some of the Air Nomads did escape after all and he's a descendant, or maybe it's spontaneously appearing as an ability amongst non-Nomads of the right spiritual bent? I've been expecting that to happen ever since Tenzin started talking about the link between airbending and spirituality back in book 1.

Can Korra actually give people bending powers, or only restore the abilities of benders who got zapped by Amon?
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(Also, if I never have to see Mako again it would be too soon. He is the Riley Finn of the Korra world.)

I'm hoping Bolin and Asami have more screen time this season. Bolin didn't have much to do besides the movers, and Asami was pretty much a nonentity until the end. (She also seemed strangely out of character, but was that just me?)
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<<Can Korra actually give people bending powers, or only restore the abilities of benders who got zapped by Amon?

From what we've seen, it seems only the Lion Turtles can impart actual bending ability, and then presumably, the spirits and/or animals specific to those bending skills instructed these benders on how to master them (such as when you see Wan learning to perfect fire bending from dragons in his training montage).

I don't think Korra has the ability to do more than restore bending...but since Korra started, I've really wondered if it isn't possible for people to simply be born with the gift. It's implied that bending is passed down, obviously, and it's also shown that being the child of one bender doesn't guarantee you will have bending abilities (Bumie). Theoretically, bending could be like any other genetic trait wherein it might not be a dominant trait, but can be carried on in a recessive manner and then, voila, you have a kid born from two non-benders who has the ability to heal.

Or...maybe, just mystically, you're born with the power to bend, and in the world where air benders were ruthlessly hunted down and killed, those who were born with it outside of the air temples kept it hush and quiet...but that doesn't really explain why it took literally three generations for them to come out of the shadows when it was obvious the threat was gone. MAN, trailers aren't supposed to make my head hurt.
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I'm currently watching Veronica Mars and found that the romance angle is no less persuasive there, despite the fact that the show could be generally awesome without any of it at all.

I don't mind romance as such--after all, Aang's crush on Katara was present from pretty much the very first episode, Sokka has two "girlfriends" throughout the course of the show, and there's lots of teasing and hinting for the other characters. I just object to romance for its own sake, between characters I find unengaging. (Mostly I find Mako to be a bit of a pompous jerkface and don't understand why Korra AND Asami would make themselves miserable over him. He is very clearly a creator-favourite, in the sense that he gets all the cool scenes and journeys and whatnot, but as a character he falls pretty flat.)

About the only thing that was well-handled in the Korra/Mako/Bolin/Asami love quadrangle disaster is that they didn't write Asami to be super catty to Korra afterwards, but that's kind of a low bar, IMO.

I actually think Veronica Mars is a great example of romance done well (minor non-specific spoilers for season 1): Teddy Dunn was meant to be the original romantic lead, but Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell had such fantastic chemistry (and fan favour) that the creators went for that instead, rather than stubbornly sticking to a previously decided-upon plotline. But even so there's never an episode that's just about dealing with Veronica's conflicted feelings about Logan or Duncan that didn't also significantly further the plot in some way by giving us important information, whereas it kind of felt like most of the first half of LoK season 2 was Korra and Mako arguing, and then Bolin and Mako arguing about but not really about Korra, etc.

And sure, that kind of drama and pettiness is not out of the ordinary for teenagers. But I didn't sign up to watch a show about teenage hormones; I wanted witty banter and magical powers and sociopolitical commentary, dammit.
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I liked Season 2 of Korra more for what it was trying to do than what it did. It did improve, though, as the season went along. I do need to rewatch it all again. (I think it would've benefited from a longer season, to give some of the plot points more room to breathe and develop.) More than anything, I admire the show's willingness to go into some pretty dark places, even if it backs away from them in the end.

I am excited for the next season, though, and will happily watch it. Much like AtLA, I like the diversity of roles offered to women and girls. Everyone is complicated and interesting.
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Just give me a plot that feels like it develops as much from character's developmental choices as it does from the turning of built-in world clockwork.

crankyfan has expectations, dammit.
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Still nowhere legit to stream Season 2 in it's entirety then?
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For those who love the voice of Korra, check out The JV Club, Janet Varney's podcast about adolescence. So good.
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I wanted witty banter and magical powers and sociopolitical commentary, dammit.

This is most of why I watch Avatar, and it's definitely been done well in the show, but sometimes I feel like we're asking a lot from something on Nickelodeon. I agree that, as signal said, it's still better than like 99% of the rest of television which is kind of more a criticism of television more than this show for kids.
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Nowhere at the moment to stream Book 2 without paying for it, nope. Nick seems awful to start with, but they treat all their Avatar stuff with an odd level of after the fact. It makes them money, but not enough for them to treat it with much care or promotion.
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There aren't that many dramatic cartoons made for US television, and The Legend of Korra is the best of them. I mean, I haven't been keeping up with whatever random action figure/card game/app tie-in is currently airing on Disney XD, or the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, but if they were any good, I'd be watching them already. Adventure Time and Steven Universe, for all the serious themes and dramatic episodes, are mostly comedy shows, and I want to watch animation that takes things seriously most of the time.
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I stopped watching a bit into season two - I just checked, and it was only after four episodes? After they escaped from the South Pole. It felt like much longer. It was sad, because I really liked the beginning of book one - up until the last episode, really, and even that was forgivable. I loved the updating of the world and the entire design of it, and I liked Korra. I even liked Mako.

But man, those first couple of episodes of season two were horrible, and no amount of air bisons could get me to care. There was no Lin and little Asami, and Aubrey Plaza was criminally misused as the 'hilarious' creepy abuser. It was really just that I got a couple weeks behind, then it was just slightly too difficult to try and catch up with the rest.

I did hear that it got better, though. Did season one ever make it to netflix? Maybe they'll manage to put book two one there to encourage binge watching.
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Okay, I finally get a chance to watch the trailer, and no one has mentioned sand sharks?

Yessssssssssssssssssss. Give me more bizarre animals because I love that so much about this universe with its sky bison and dog bears and fire ferrets and all of them.
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Did season one ever make it to netflix? Maybe they'll manage to put book two one there to encourage binge watching.

In terms of being "free" within a subscription service, Book 1 is only on Amazon Prime, that I'm aware. Surprisingly, Korra Book 2 did appear on Hulu Plus as it aired and the last half of it was on there for months after the season finale.

For a two minute trailer, it was tantalizingly full of hints and glimpses, but nothing that offered a concrete idea of what's going to happen this season.

It appears there's an important town in the desert, which the travel to or from somehow includes the sand shark. Was that stone/lava bender in that desert town? Was that young airbender connected to it?

Who would have a water bender in a wooden cage? It made me think fire nation, such as when Katara and Toph were captured in the same episode featuring Boom Boom Sparky Guy and the statue of the Fire Lord.

At the least, it seems we're going to both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom...I would love to see Ba Sing Se as a modern city, as I imagine it would be bigger and more populated than Republic City.
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I didn't notice till it was pointed out to me that the water-bender girl has no arms (and uses water instead).

She also appears to maybe be a villain, but still; that is badass. That is what you would do, isn't it? Use your bending to overcome a disability?
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I really liked this trailer and am excited to see more of Korra. I really liked the first two books.
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I've been re-watching and I'm noticing more things....

1) It appears there's a White Lotus complex somewhere, and it also seems to be that one of the scenes with Zuko takes place there (background), perhaps the fighting even. It would make sense for Zuko to follow his uncle into the White Lotus Society.

More incredibly, it seems that there's basically a prison at this complex, as guards outside of a cell look like they could be wearing White Lotus armor.

Here's the interesting thing. There's a fellow in one of the cells (barred with wood - made the same way as the armless girl (I DID NOT SEE THAT BEFORE - Thanks emjaybee!) who's got long hair, wrappings around his feet/legs/hands. At first you see him simply sitting in the shadows, but later, it appears, he launches an AIR bending attack at the guards on the other side of the wood bars.

Other point, another fellow, different - younger with tattoos, (younger version? Flashback?) is also imprisoned, so we have three different individuals behind wood bars. Is there some kind of secret bending prison? As it shows the White Lotus dudes fighting (and maybe also Zuko, too), perhaps there's a jail break.

Another point, I swear Kya is bringing down someone on an air bender staff/kite/thingy.

At the 20 second mark, it appears Korra is practicing air bending with a woman in green.

At 36, an airship is landing. Anyone translate Chinese? Perhaps this is Zuko arriving?

At 42, does the Boom Boom Sparky Girl look kind of like Azula? (Granddaughter?)

At 48, yuh? It looks like Korra's father in the front water bending, but are the twins in the back left? Is that Zuko on the back right?

At 50, kids in Earth kingdom wear air bending in what reminds me of the chambers of the Dai Li.

At 51, it's the same guy from at 44, who was behind wooden bars - based on the same arm and wrist tattoos, length of hair, that's fighting Mako and Bolin.

At 54, Zuko on a dragon. Dragons making a comeback?

At about 55, White Lotus fire benders - fighting in the jail break?

At 57, lady who looks like Bo Lin, and perhaps engaged in an earth bending spar (perhaps at the same White Lotus compound or perhaps ...Toph's family estate?)

At 58ish, a kid air bending attack on an armored truck, and possibly the same kid at the forefront air bending earlier in the Earth Kingdom colors.

After that, a woman who again looks like Bo Lin, in what appears to be Republic City police uniform, driving a truck. Going by the clothing of everyone in the background, I'm almost ready to say it's a flashback of Bo Lin.

This followed by what is now definitely Kya taking down someone on an air bender staff kite.

At 1:02, what basically appears to be an Earth Kingdom city in the American Southwest (buttes) has Asami fighting some dude on a motorcycle.

1:03, that guy I mentioned at the beginning, in a White Lotus Prison using air bending against the guards.

1:07 - Asami rescuing Korra from something, perhaps in that same Earth Kingdom city.

At 1:08, we have Bo Lin looking through glass at the White Lotus complex, which appears to be fitted with the "stone train" system that we found in Ba Singh Se. Perhaps she's the one on that arriving airship and she's looking through one of its windows as it lands.

Then we have Jinora at what appears the same pool from the Wan episodes that Korra was dipped into...followed by at 1:11, the arrival of airships at the Earth Kingdom palace.

Dang, I'll have to finish a bit later!
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At one point in the trailer Bumi appears to be airbending. I wonder if this and the number of new airbenders shown imply that by allowing the spirit and physical worlds to mix ordinary folks are picking up bending. That'd be a real neat development, and aside from Asami, I don't see anyone fighting using the non-bending techniques from previous seasons.
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The unrequested break down continues!


At 1:13, Earth Kingdom Queen?

At 1:14ish, I'm going to go out on a limb and claim it's a metal bending school - based on the metal bending (like the Republic City metal benders do) and the Earth Kingdom colors. Possibly the metal bending school that Toph founds?

At 1:15ish, Bolin in water dodging lava bombs. I'd be willing to bet connected to that attack earlier that had him and Mako.

1:17 - Scarred Eyebrow Guy! Looks unhappy. Dressed in more Earth Kingdom colors.

1:18 - Zuko looking not happy with a Lotus guard facing him. Post Jail break?

1:21 - Korra metal bending a hidden passage in what could be the Earth Kingdom. Perhaps leading to that air bending area?

1:22 - Total Dai Li dude snatching Jinora.

1:23ish - Hey, wait, it's the Scarred Eyebrow Dude again, but now he's air bending and grabbing an air bender staff/kite!

Next, that same air bendy kid from before...but now on one of the Ba Sing Se train cars.

1:25 - Sand Shark chasing/following one of those desert sail boat thingies...looks like someone is air bending the sail to move forward.

1:27 - Modern day Bolin in an Earth bending spar. Perhaps against the Bo Lin looking lady from earlier in the trailer? The stone involved is about the same size.

Followed by...Mako with likely the armless caged water bender from before, but now up in his face, cause you know he attracts all the girls.

1:29ish - Korra being wrapped up in metal cable, but having a fun time while deflecting an earth bending attack. Background indicates the same place as Bo Lin above, = perhaps she's the sparring partner after all.

1:30 - That air bendy kid falling down a mountain side.

1:33 - Korra in the spirit world? There's a whale-like spirit floating past, but after the end of the last season, that doesn't preclude it from the non-spirit world.

1:36 - Okay, so Mako's playing hard to get with the armless water bender lady. Now they're fighting.

1:39 - The same armored vehicle that air bendy kid attacks? In pursuit by Republic City police vehicles on the bridge. Incidentally, there's a scene at the beginning of the police surrounding an unrecognizable figure on the top of the bridge (then later swinging below the bridge). The pursuit cars get blown perhaps the Sparky Sparky Boom Girl?

1:40ish - Zuko fire bending in the mountainous area. He doesn't look upset, perhaps a demonstration?

1:41 - That scarred eyebrow dude, now he's flying like an air bender with a staff.

1:42 - Explosion with two guys. Could be Mako and Bolin based on their fine swimming apparel.

1:43ish - Korra getting ready to fight an earth bender in the Earth Kingdom palace?

Followed by Meelo flying through the air.

1:45 - It's the armless water bender lady countering an earth bender boulder attack, in the background, it looks like someone is kidnapping an air bender. Hard to tell if the guy holding the staff knows how to use it, or is just holding on to it. The middle person almost looks like a Kyoshi warrior outfit.

1:46 - Kya fighting off attacks.

1:47 - Hey, the twins are back! It was them from earlier!

1:48 - Korra metal bending? motorcycles to throw at someone as part of an earth bending attack. In the same Earth Kingdom "old west" town where Asami took out the guy from earlier.

1:50 - Bolin, Korra, Mako and Asami having tea and before Mako's fireball blows up the screen, look somewhat surprised by whomever he's targeting.

1:50ish - It's the people from before at 1:45, but now the color is correct. The guy with the staff appears to be the air bending scarred eyebrow dude, and the lady in Kyoshi-type outfit now appears to be readily dressed in some kind of Fire Kingdom outfit...and she also earth bends.

1:52 - Korra is saving a little girl with her own personalized blue air bender kite/staff. Is the building surrounded by a giant vine? Related to the fight at the end of Book 2?

And that about sums up the trailer.
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At one point in the trailer yt Bumi appears to be airbending. I wonder if this and the number of new airbenders shown imply that by allowing the spirit and physical worlds to mix ordinary folks are picking up bending. That'd be a real neat development, and aside from Asami, I don't see anyone fighting using the non-bending techniques from previous seasons.

That's really something about the Avatar world. Non-bender fighters are always in the extreme minority. In ATLA, we had Azula's gal pals, the Ryoshi Warriors, and then Jet and his company of peeps. Were there any others?

In Korra, you have the anti-bending folks, but other than them and Asami, I don't recall any non-bender fighters.
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That's really something about the Avatar world. Non-bender fighters are always in the extreme minority. In ATLA, we had Azula's gal pals, the Ryoshi Warriors, and then Jet and his company of peeps. Were there any others?

Whatever those scary archer dudes were called that captured Aang while he was collecting frozen frogs.
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Everyone in the Southern Water Tribe besides Kitara were non-benders, because the Fire Nation put them in camps.
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*To be uttered in fast talking girl Friday style voice.
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By the way, if we do have a FanFare recap before this season starts, it absolutely positively has to be done in the newsreel style they use in the show.
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The Republic City Dispatch always starts their podcast like the newsreel, it's Korrariffic.
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From the above link (thanks 1970s Antihero!)
“A Breath of Fresh Air”: After the events of Harmonic Convergence, Avatar Korra discovers that her decision to leave the spirit portals open has unexpected consequences. Wild spirit vines have overgrown Republic City and Airbenders are suddenly popping up across the four nations.

“Rebirth of a Nation”: Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort to recruit them and rebuild the Air Nation. Meanwhile, a band of sinister criminals are organizing to hunt down the Avatar themselves.
And now we have confirmed why air benders are popping up everywhere (sorta). Emjaybee gets the credit for calling it!

It seems the leakage has really played Nick's hands on the release, but I'll greedily just take what they're giving out.

Also, in the article is the fact that all of Korra is temporarily free to watch on the Nick website.
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Oh hey!

So, uh, if I really didn't enjoy the first four episodes of the second season, but would like to give the third season a try and maybe renew my hope in the series, where should I start to catch up, and what should I skip?
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Well, you probably can get away with reading the summaries for the episodes 5 and 6, but you should definitely tune into episodes 7 and 8, Beginnings Part 1 and Part 2. Hopefully that should reinvigorate your interest in Book 2, as things immediately begin to pick up plot wise and move swiftly toward conclusion. The back 9 holes are pretty important for setting up Book 3's beginning.

If you can swallow possibly wasting 40 minutes or so, just try and sit through 5 and 6. It helps introduce Bolin as a flickers star with amusing low tech special effects launching his career. Less interestingly, they setup Korra and Mako breaking up (HURRAY), and also Bolin ignoring Mako as Mako begins to connect Varrick's actions to increasing the war and undermining Asami's family business.
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The MundoNick leaked episodes (apparently 3-6) are up on YouTube, for the impatient.
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And a sneak peak from Book 3 episode 1 is up on
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Fanfare post for episode two is now up AND it's been announced that when Korra returns Friday after next, it will be in a two episode bundle. It's awesome to get two episodes at a time, but that means we basically will only have a month and a half of the show. Doh.
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The Daily Beast's David Levesley argues the cure for Games of Thrones withdrawal is the animated world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. "But like Game of Thrones, the fantastical and the outlandish are carefully balanced with human relationships and political intrigue. If the schemings and machinations of the Lannisters excited you, The Last Airbender provides an excellent equivalent during a long stint in the earthbending city of Ba Sing Se. Totalitarian policing, carried out by the KGB-like Dai Li and a series of identical tour guides called Ju Dee, and even the death of a recurring character are forewarnings of dark dealings. The war against the fire nation, which has played throughout the show so far, is never closer than it is here."
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The first three episodes are airing again tonight if you missed them last week...and refuse to resort to less than legal means to watch them, since Nick has not put them online legally anywhere...
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