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ECO VIRTUAL / / / Advanced Climate Research & Analysis Music

Our mandate is to deliver the most accurate and up to date air pollution research, climate change related activities, ozone layer depletion studies and tropical storm forecasts. Using our patented Advanced SoniClimate® Climate Information Processing Software we archive atmospheric and oceanic data from around the globe, produce, process, and distribute it directly to you, the user.



SoniClimate® Systems
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I'm confused. Is there more to this than them taking existing songs (there are at least two Sade songs in there), slowing them down, and putting them behind grainy video of slowed down weather reports?
posted by jonathanhughes at 6:16 PM on June 12, 2014 [1 favorite]

Weather Channel at the 8s and on downers.
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So still no calculation of the margin of error in the random sampling data collections?

Distract them with 80s and 90s songs slowed down to cover for grainy videos of weather reports, so they will forget we didn't calculate the margin of error and other checksums in our data collection methods.

Oh dear gosh, if some nerd happens to plug these numbers into Excel and then calculates the margin of error, we could have a problem here! Better label them an Internet Kook and then make more retro songs with grainy weather videos to distract the masses from it.
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I kind of like this but at the same time I'm terribly afraid that it's supposed to be some kind of joke that 4chan's /mu/ people are pulling and laughing at everyone who likes it.
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