"We don't have all the red tape of the monarchy weighing us down."
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"Doraleous and Associates are open for business." [Youtube] "An animated comedy/fantasy series that follows Doraleous & his associates as they travel Nudonia righting wrongs & promoting freedom." [Complete Channel Playlist]
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Damn. I've been meaning to post about this.

[Ask Me About Wonderbroom]
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OK, the "Wetald" thing was not as clever as they thought it was, but when they proposed "Your worst versus our worst" I pretty much fell out of my chair.
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I watched a lot of this when it was on The Escapist, and it's really good.
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I'm 35 episodes in. This is a fantastic web series. Great voice acting and comedic timing.
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The same guys do Battlefield Friends, which is a gamer comedy. Apparently it's cheaper to do, or it generates more on its own. Either way, they didn't need to Kickstarter a new season.
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I've been watching this off and on since this FPP, and it's been pretty consistently what I expected from dorky online animation humor (entertaining but not overwhelmingly so: worth watching for 15 minutes here and there), but then I got to episode 12 and the Meh Kingdom and Lord Yahtzee and just about choked myself to death laughing. Self-aware nerds FTW. Thanks for linking!
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