The jester's last laugh
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What do you do after working for Bank of America, betting against the lives of AIDS patients, becoming the financial adviser and official court jester to the King of Tonga, getting sued for embezzling and accused of massive passport fraud? You turn to creating smooth jazz, of course. The life of Jesse Bogdonoff. Previously.
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Warren Bechet? Soprano sax? Did he mean Sidney?
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Maybe a decent additional link is to the play made about his life. From his Google plus page, he got a music degree from San Francisco State in the 80s and a business degree from the University of Phoenix in 1999.
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Smooth jazz? How many crimes can one man commit in a lifetime?
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To be fair here, Bogdonoff was never accused of passport fraud.

The link containing that phrase says The ageing King Tupou IV had $US20 million ($A26 million) sitting in a cheque account with the bank, the proceeds from selling Tongan passports in the 1980s and '90s.
The linked Wikipedia article says Bogdonoff managed the Tonga Trust Fund after it had been funded by the Tongan government in 1986 in a scheme in which the Tongan government sold passports to frightened Hong Kong nationals

So it seems that the Tongan government was doing the passport fraud thing in the 1980s, and Bogdonoff just took the proceeds and ran with them (or ran them into the ground) in the 1990s.
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Ahh, viaticals. The 90s were awful.
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crazy_yeti, perhaps he was conflating Sidney Bechet and Warren Vaché.....?
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Considering his history, I think he was combing Sidney Bechet with Warren Buffett.
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