Squirrel and Hedgehog
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Squirrel and Hedgehog - Yes folks, this is a North Korean cartoon produced in house ... The animation is really good, (episode 24 and on is animated in Flash, while before it was all hand drawn) the story is pretty complicated sometimes, and the characters are cool. The only thing actually wrong with this show, other than it being blatant propaganda, is that the lipsync is awful. posted by Wolfdog (8 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
It's good, but it's no Worker and Parasite.
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That's pretty interesting, I wonder how many of their people actually have the ability to watch it? Are tv's common? Is electricity to watch tv provided? Makes me think perhaps that more people in the west have seen it than in the country? Is the target audience actually S. Korea and others?
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"Have some gifs and screenshots Brian Silvestro made of the best character, Lt. Vixen (not her real name lol, blame the internet for that one)."

Everyone is furry for Lt. Vixen.
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Are tv's common?

According to Ask a North Korean, most North Korean households have a TV set.
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All the better to propaganda you my dear.
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I don't know about TVs (other than the link posted above) but Kim Jong-Il was not only an enormous movie buff but a huge believer in the power of films as propaganda. Things may have changed after the famine, but at least throughout the 90s every village in North Korea had a government-supported movie theater, no matter how dinky, and tickets cost basically pocket change. The movies were all either Russian, Chinese, or home-grown Korean communist propaganda.
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I hope after reunification they continue it, but as a sort of in-universe secret history thing to counter the previously official propaganda.
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Much of Guy Delisle's comic book memoir, Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea, takes place in the animation studio he has come to help manage (although the details of his assignment are never fully explained). It does seem to imply that European companies have been subcontracting a lot of animation to North Korean studios for a while.
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