The Near-Death of Grand Central Terminal
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"[S]tock jobbers[,]... confidence men,... an impecunious transportation entity", politicos, judges, scoundrels and Jackie O.: the near-death of Grand Central Terminal, and how it foretold the 2008 financial crisis. [sl Harper's]
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The clown show never stops - I didn't quite realize that we'd been bailing out the bankers in exactly the same way since the sixties. And it was "fun" to see the familiar names crawl out of the woodwork towards the end of the article - ah, hello there, Rummy and Cheney and Rehnquist.

Seriously, this article should have carried a blood pressure warning. I mean, check out this footnote:

"The company also had the unmitigated chutzpah to argue that Grand Central’s aesthetic quality had been diminished because it was now “set against the backdrop and contrasting lines of the Pan Am Building, which appears to hang over the terminal and to dwarf it.” That’s right: the Penn Central actually argued that an awful building it had forced on the city so degraded Grand Central that the terminal could be partially or fully razed in favor of another awful building."
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I had never realised what the familiar feeling I had in Milano Centrale station was, and reading this just realised that it's like Grand Central (and, IMHO, unlike French, German and British stations).
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It's always the same assholes, isn't it?
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It's always the same assholes, isn't it?

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