Yo ho ho and a bottle of stimpack reskinned as rum!
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Yo ho, matey! Ever get to sorting through Doom mods and think "Wow, that's a lot of techbases and hell castles. I'd really prefer something a bit more Monkey Island-esque"? If so (and even if not), you'll want to check out Pirate Doom, which dresses up Doom monsters as pirates (down the Imps' fancy hats) and sends the player through 18 levels of pirate-demon action! Rock Paper Shotgun has a quick writeup, Doomed has a review of an older version, and here's a video of level 2, "Melee Island", to give a good idea of what you're in for.

Pirate Doom requires a copy of the .wad file from Doom 2 (conveniently on sale for $2.50 on Steam at the moment) and the GZDoom source port (a free download from here) which allows it to do a few things vanilla Doom can't.
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I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the sound effects in Doom.
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I would have enjoyed this more if the Imps were bellowing "YARG!"
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Can you run Doom mods on the version of the 2 .wad that came with Doom 3: BFG Edition?

(If so, it might make up for just how much of a disappointment 3 was! I'd waited years and years to pick up 3, and once I did, I was astounded by how generic and emotionless the gameplay was. By comparison, I opened up Doom (the first) and immediately felt that same frisson of terror it originally inspired, even back when I all I had was the free demo. Um...sorry for the derail, I just finished playing 3 about a week ago, so it's fresh in my mind.)
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How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
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Can you run Doom mods on the version of the 2 .wad that came with Doom 3: BFG Edition?

I can't say for certain, but I have a very hard time believing that it's anything but the regular Doom2.wad. The way Doom works is that the .wad is just the game data, and the platform-specific code is the renderer and so on. I'd assume that you should be fine as long as you grab GZDoom.
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A three-headed monkey!?
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how much of a disappointment 3 was

Doom 3 lacked a lot of the impact the earlier version had, but it did have its moments. The lighting effects (on a reasonably well-equipped machine) were still pretty impressive at the time, and it did have a few funny moments, like the narrator going on about the green goo. It wasn't stellar by any stretch, but IMHO it's still worth a play, especially for fans of the franchise.
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Doom 3's big problem was that it wanted to do a more modern style of game using an IP that was not particularly suited to that style.
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Twenty years ago I crashed for a summer in a cheap two-story student slum house run by the absenteeist landlord ever. There were officially six people on the lease but there were always at least ten, twelve, fifteen folks hanging around at any given time on any given kind of chemical enhancement. There were two computers in the main living room; one had a 28.8 modem on a dedicated second line (we had priorities!) and the other was always playing either Civilization, the first "The sun's up already?!" game for me, or DOOM.

Someone found the Barney mod for DOOM, probably on wuarchive, and to be honest shooting up tons of purple dinosaurs was not only hilarious but cathartic in a way. We learned how to mod in our own stuff, mostly MST3K quotes for sounds so when a demonic door opened Crow would say "Heeere comes the devil!" This led to sneaking in ways to play sounds on startup and culminated one mostly-quiet morning around 6:30 or so when someone had to reboot the computer without realizing the speakers were on and the entire house was suddenly rocked with a loud "MITCHELL!!"

The AUTOEXEC.BAT was changed shortly afterwards.
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Gettin' deeper into the game and hoo boy once they introduce the Archvile, they get really excited about him. There's, like, an inappropriate amount of Archviles going on here.
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