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Treading a line between post-punk and dance, the English band Shriekback had only a few minor hits (My Spine (Is the Bassline), Nemesis) and then vanished into obscurity, more of a "who were they then" than a "where are they now". They were Carl Marsh, Dave Allen (formerly of Gang of Four), Barry Andrews (formerly of XTC), and Martyn Barker. One notable fan was Michael Mann, who used the band's music in his movies Band of the Hand ("Faded Flowers" from Oil and Gold) and Manhunter ("This Big Hush" and "Coelacanth" from Oil and Gold and "Evaporation" from Care), and also in at least one episode of Miami Vice ("Underwaterboys" from Big Night Music). They put out two records on Y Records (Tench (1982), Care (1983)), two on Arista (Jam Science (1984), Oil and Gold (1985)), and two on Island (Big Night Music (1986), Go Bang! (1988)). This last album was an obvious push to appeal to a wider demographic. It tanked, and the band soon dissolved. Except they didn't.

Barry Andrews got Barker and Allen back together in 1992 for Sacred City, a sort of concept album that was a solid return to form. From there things happened in fits and starts, mostly centered around Andrews. He and all or part of the original members went on to release Naked Apes and Pond Life (2000), Having a Moment (2003), Cormorant (2005), Glory Bumps (2007), and Life in the Loading Bay (2010). They are currently working on their 13th album.

Lately Barry Andrews has begin blogging on Tumblr, and in addition to giving teases of the upcoming album has been posting a bit of history of himself and the band. For fans it's an exciting behind-the-scenes look, but even for non-fans it has a lot of information about the musical landscape of the early-80s.

The notable entries:

Keeping it Real: Defining Moments, ‘Entertainment’, Punk and the Quest for the Authentic. - A look at punk, post-punk, squatting, and Thatcherian politics.

SQUAT (part 1) and (part 2) - Squatting and psycho-drifting, Andrews' early solo efforts, playing with Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen.

'All Humming Now.' Situationism, Shriekback and Psychogeography (from Rossmore Road to the Beatles Zebra Crossing) - The city-obsession that starts with trying to write a non-sentimental landscape song and culminated in Sacred City.

Go Bang and after.. Compromise, King Swamp and Butoh - The story behind the "sellout" Go Bang! album, and some interesting digs at Dave Allen.

Sacred City (part 1) and (part 2) and (part 3) - An in-depth look at the album that Andrews seems to have the most affection for, drawing together a lot of the strands of the previous works into a whole. Part three talks about the short film he made to accompany the album, and why that was not a good idea.

Inside the Haunted Box of Switches: the keyboard player’s lot is a far from simple one.. - Andrews is a keyboard player, and here he talks about how different of an experience and start that is in pop music than it is for players of other instruments.

Keyboard Playing Part 2: ‘75-79 (or: I'd been to XTC but I’d never been to me..) - more on being the Keyboard Player and Andrews' stint with XTC.
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Shriekback is the reason I know what parthenogenesis is.

And this post is the reason I know that iOS knows what parthenogenesis is.
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I saw them live back in the day and it was a hell of a show.
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Obviously I'm a huge fan. Also seen them in '86 on the Big Night Music tour. I just got back from England and a highlight for me was visiting Rossmore Road.

I had no idea how to describe their music for this post.
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I had a Shriekback album on cassette, but I don't remember which one. I think it was the one with "My Spine Is the Bassline". I didn't like it at the time, but that doesn't prove much - almost the only survivals from my College Listening Experience are Mekons, the Clash, the Rezillos and Nothing Painted Blue, everything else I actually liked was pretty forgettable and I only liked it because I was a frosty little snob.
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So much Shreikback showed up on my 80's and 90's mix tapes. A bit of Happyhead, too (one of Marsh's other bands)

I used to think that if I ever had to flat-out dump someone and move out because everything had decayed to awkward silences, the thing to do would be to leave a cd player in my otherwise-empty room, quietly autorepeating "faded flowers".
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Shriekback is a group with a special place in my heart. Truly weirder than Oingo Boingo, their stylings and lyrics would make Cthullu rock neon wayfarers.
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Oil & Gold was one of my favorite tapes in college. I recently rediscovered it and damn if it doesn't hold up. Great post, thanks.
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Very interesting!
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Oil & Gold is still on rotation in our house. Thanks for this - there's a whole list of folks I need to send it to!
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I think that before I even heard Shriekback I used to love Barry Andrews "Win out a night out (with a well known paranoiac)" - it was a favourite of the Annie Nightingale request show on Radio 1.
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And the demo for Rossmore Road! Now that's a treat I wasn't expecting on a Thursday evening. (Win A Night Out... was either the B side, or it was a double A side, I forget which - ah, a little further down, I see it was the B side.)

Thank you...
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The also-obscurish Division Kent covered This Big Hush, and I liked the original and the cover. Which never happens to me.
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I love Shriekback's Y Records-era output and was so happy when Tench and Care were finally, FINALLY reissued. "Lined Up" is still one of my favorite tunes of the era, and "Hapax Legomena" one of my favorite exemplars of inscrutable B-sides.
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Listening back now, their Tench seems exactly the sort of stuff I loved back then, but the only track of theirs I actually remember is the much less experimental All Lined Up from Care. (Also, I've always tended to confuse them with A Certain Ratio, for some reason.)
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From Barry Adam's SoundCloud Page: I like his music for Iorek Byrnison of His Dark Materials fame. I'm not sure if he did the music for the National Theatre's production - but he is mentioned here as being musical director for a production by Sixth Sense.
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Count me among those thankful for both Shriekback and this post.

We get it right sometimes
We shine a light sometimes
We see the fish below the ice sometimes

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Shriekback opened for Simple Minds way back when I was going to concerts, and their opening set blew the main act so clearly out of the water it was amazing.
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Huh. The opening to This Big Hush totally sounds like Duran Duran.
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Anything XTC-related is relevant to my interests.
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Oh, man, I had a cassette of Oil and Gold that I loved, and still know all the words to. My parents bought it when it came out, so I would have been around six years old, and it was a major part of young me jamming out. I was never a huge fan of stuff that came later, but they were what got me into Gang of Four, and I was so happy when there was that post-punk revival so I could find more of their stuff in reissues instead of having to cadge banged-up LPs.

Thanks for this! I still hum Hammerheads all the time — "This is our mission, to be the Daleks of God!" (Or the bit from Nemesis — "We're not monsters, we're moral people.")

(And "Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power" goes great with Human League's "These are the Things that Dreams are Made Of.")
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Anything XTC-related is relevant to my interests.

Then also check out Monstrance, in which Andy Partridge is joined by Shriekback's Andrews and Barker for an album of completely improvisational music.
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We know evil
Is an exact science
Being carefully, correctly wrong

Kinda resonates what with the MeFi Diplomacy games going on...
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Oooh, Barry Andrews. Run right out and watch his video No Fool Boletus, for Anaxaton6.
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xingcat, I was at that Shriekback/Simple Minds tour, and you're right, they were so much better. I think I might have the Shriekback t-shirt from that tour somewhere. I was an insufferable middle-schooler who was embarrassed to think that others might assume I was there for Simple Minds--the horror! I remember Barry Andrews had this keyboard stand with springs somehow, so that it was seesawing back and forth while he somehow managed to keep playing it.

Shriekback is so good, and so unique. It was as if Lloyd Cole were to go out at midnight on a full moon at turn evil.

Also, when I hear Oil and Gold now, I can't separate it from the fact that it was my friend's signal to his college roommates that he was getting busy with his girlfriend in his dorm room.
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Honestly, in 1985/6 I don't think I knew anyone who didn't own a copy of Oil And Gold (which says more about my social circle than anything else, I know). I did college radio a bit that year and the following and I think my co-host and I played something off O&G on every show. Sometimes more than once.
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What a post! It will take a while to crunch through all this goodness.

One of my favorite bands from back in the day and I still listen to them. "My Spine..." was the soundtrack to a chunk of my life that I really enjoyed.
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There's this certain demographic that always just had Oil & Gold holding the default place on the turntable in the late 1980's, and I'm one of them. So this is my perspective when I always go on about: "Music in the 1980's didn't suck like some people say, but yeah, the best stuff didn't get heard on the radio."
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Thanks for this post!

I haven't actually listened to Shriekback (until today) since I was a college radio DJ 20+ years ago. But in true Baader-Meinhof fashion, I was singing "Hammerheads" to my cats last night.

"Yes! Yes! Kibble time! We are kittens! We demand our kibble and we want our supper now! Shout! Shout! Kibble time!" and so forth, at some length, while being regarded balefully.
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ooh I am so digging out oil & gold to listen to tonight
thanks for the awesome post
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Ha! A Shriekback post!!!

Going back through my commenting history, you will find that I recommend Nemesis in almost every 80's post there is since I joined.

Seriously. I feel like I write this in every 80s music post, but Nemesis by Shriekback.
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Nemesis - Shriekback I eat cannibals - Toto Coelho Anything by the Creatures, especially Fury Eyes and You! This Town - Go-Go's Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & Blackhearts New Toy - Lene Lovich One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head Pain - Oingo Boingo Make a Circuit with Me - Polecats Ballroom Blitz - Sweet Blue Spark - X I grew up right here ^
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Can I just mention here that Nemesis by Shriekback was one of my favorite songs primarily because any song that mentions parthenogenesis is awesome?
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I grew up in L.A. in the 80's and would also vote for: *Anything by the Go-Go's *Anything by the Beastie Boys *Anything by the Cure *Anything by Siouxie and the Banshees/The Creatures *Don't you forget about me - Simple Minds *Obsession - Animotion *Nemesis - Shriekback
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The only Shriekback I ever had (or knew) was the single of "(My Spine (Is the Bassline)," but boy did I play that sucker a lot (and I'm still prone to muttering "No guts, no blood, and no brains at all" on appropriate occasions). Thanks for the post; I look forward to discovering more!
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I love this post so much, thank you! Shriekback gets such regular play in my home that my now grown daughters consider themselves fans, playing Shriekback in their homes!
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I have made like twenty converts to Shriekback over the years by playing "Faded Flowers." It remains chilling and heartbreaking all these years later.
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Well, I liked Go Bang! I had it on vinyl and listened to itretty regularly through at least the early 90's. I liked their other stuff too, but rarely listened to it.
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Barry Andrews is the reason the first two XTC albums stand head and shoulders above the rest. (The rest are good, but just not in it compared to the first two.)

Shreikback is the icing on the cake. And now I know there's more icing.

Thanks for this.
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It remains chilling and heartbreaking all these years later.

Oh yes, tell me about it. The slow songs on Oil & Gold have such an intense introspective vibe to them.

Then there's the 45 EP of Coelacanth played at 33, when you're in a mellow mood, and it's something else.
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...and speaking of Coelacanths, the passing of Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer ten years ago.
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"Nemesis" was a staple of goth/fetish-nightclub fun, right up until the early aughts when Steampunk and Rivethead took over, and even then...

It's a song that gets everyone on the dancefloor. Including the bodybuilder in the wrestling singlet and the gimp-mask with a hundred or so ten-penny nails sticking out from it. (Actually not making that up...)

"We are not monsters. We're moral people! Yet we have the strength to do this..."
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I have been especially pleased with the Sacred City tumblr posts from Andrews. I like all Shriekback albums but Sacred City is just a thing apart, for me.
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I will love you forever for this post.
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Thank you for digging and compiling these sacred bits.
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my band played support to XTC at the rock garden in 1977 and barry andrews was the nicest most unpretentious one of the band. he showed us how to use the badge machine supplied by virgin records with whom they had just signed, to make our own badges. his solo on all along the watchtower that night was awesome and later i loved his work with shriekback. thanks for this post. so great to catch up with what he's been doing all these years.
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I have made like twenty converts to Shriekback over the years by playing "Faded Flowers." It remains chilling and heartbreaking all these years later.

I was actually a big enough nerd to know the meaning of "parthenogenesis" before Nemesis. But "Faded Flowers" taught me "anacrusis".

Shriekback opened for Simple Minds way back when I was going to concerts, and their opening set blew the main act so clearly out of the water it was amazing.

In the (wonderful) above-linked "box of switches" blog post about being a keyboard player Barry Andrews mentions the video for "Alive and Kicking" - and has a gentle dig at Mick Macneil, their keyboard player for dragging his electric piano into a video which appeared to be filmed rather a long way from a power socket.
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The League of Gentlemen (I can't tell whether this has been posted yet, but if not, it probably ought to be).

Also, there was a whole album of Rossmore Road-era material released a few years ago, and now I can't even find a reference to it on teh webz.

Anyway, everybody happy when the dead come home.
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Oh, and given that I associate 1980 with League of Gentlemen, Young Marble Giants and Cabaret Voltaire I was very slightly disappointed with how the 80s actually turned out.
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Recorded live from a 1987 tour date in London and distributed on VHS, now on YouTube, Shriekback's Jungle of the Senses:

1 Nemesis
2 Black Light Trap
3 Gunning For The Buddha
4 The Reptiles And I
5 Feelers
6 Hammerheads
7 All Lined Up
8 My Spine Is The Bassline

Brilliant band. Thank you for the post, Legomancer.

Chromium, radium, nickel, iridium,
Gold and actinium, arsenic, plutonium,
Neon, molybdenum, zinc, iodine
Braving the elements
The reptiles and I...

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The 80s, done right.

Love a link-heavy post about bands I don't know well enough. *FISTBUMP*
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