Anything that has to be laid straight, she asks someone else to do.
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Melissa Leo's fabulous house, built with Constant van Hoeven.
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The first 2 links are NYT.
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just when I thought I couldn't love her any more...
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I thought I couldn't love her more and then I saw her stick collection.
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Well this is amazing. We did a full renovation of our condo last year and had to push our designer to do some interesting things and got something that has maybe 1% of this spark (which is to say, we're thrilled). And if we could do mosaics, well!

I'd like to curl up with a book and a cat in this house and never ever leave.
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I love idiosyncratic outsider architecture like this. It's fun and unique, if not always wildly practical or long-lasting. I'm glad she was able to get the structure past the permit review process; the cosmetic stuff is fun but arguing about plans and designs with the regulators isn't.
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This is nothing short of amazing.
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Wow. Yes. I'm sort of house hunting now and am looking for a place where the spark has already come to light, and I can build on it. Not easy (esp. as I have no skills, but even the first bit is hard.)

And also, it's gratifying to find someone who has an even bigger thing for bagging groceries than I do!
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This is a fabulous, cozy, friendly house. Wonderful.
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Not mentioned in the NYT story: Frozen River, possibly Leo's best work.
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Those doors. I want them.
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